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Fairy Bar Nana Plaza

Oct 31, 2015 - A Fairy Bar located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok. After the closure of Candy Land work had been going on behind closed doors transforming the tired looking shell into the Fairy Bar and with a name like that obviously we have another ladyboy bar. Now Closed.

A Fairy Bar Nana Plaza

Owned by the Rainbow group and situated next to the R & B Bar (formerly Rainbow 4) therefore they should have no problem having a steady stream of punters sticking their heads in for a look.

There is a sign near the entrance in Japanese as well as English, only time will tell where the demographic dice falls with regard to customers.

Inside The Fairy Bar

When you enter the Fairy Bar they have a large narrow dance floor that will hold around 20 dancers comfortably the main seating area is on the RHS and is tiered giving everyone a good view of what is happening on the dance floor, you notice straight away that the ladyboys working here are high maintenance more like models with their perfect hair, nose jobs, braces the works, high class ladyboys.

You aren't hassled by any of the dancers you will be escorted to a seat by a waitress who are very pleasant compared to some of the other ladyboy bars, I was able to order a drink then the mamasan brought over six ladyboys and ask if I wanted to have a drink with any of them? I said no and left so end of review …. Nah BS four where pretty impressive so I just picked the shortest just to make it as quick as possible and the rest disappeared.

We went through all the small chat about prices and telling her I am straight but that doesn't put any ladyboy off she just said ‘that's ok lets just have a 69er’ HA HA I just had to laugh that off.

The Fairy Bar is like no other ladyboy bar I have been to with 18 on stage and more than half actually getting down and dancing just like at most straight gogo bars and none of the relentless pressure to pick someone for a drink, if you want to sit by yourself you will be left alone.

You can tell the Mamasan has all the ladyboys under control and the system of bring a group over asking if you want to sit with any one actually works and really should be put in place at other bars like Kings Corner 2 at Patpong, which is relentless for pilling on the pressure.

A whiskey cost 155฿ and a lady drink 140฿ and if you take one of them up on their offer then a barfine is 600฿ and you can use a room on the third floor for 350฿ an hour now I must admit I have no idea where this room is but all the ladyboy bars mention it when talk prices so it must exist.

A Fairy Bar Nana Plaza Bangkok 6/10. Now Closed.