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Fahrenheit Pattaya

Another cool bar located within Walking Street Pattaya is the Fahrenheit gogo bar. My first thought when I entered was, look how healthy these chicks are. I don't know if it was because the Fahrenheit Bar was the first Pattaya Bar that I reviewed after spending so long in Bangkok? No matter what the reason, the food, fresh air or just the fact that these women live by the beach. They look so much healthier than their Bangkok sisters.

Fahrenheit gogo bar Pattaya

Fahrenheit Pattaya GoGo Dancers

The Fahrenheit Bar is a medium sized modern gogo bar, a long dance floor takes center stage with a kink on one end. There is a second dance floor that you can see through the glass ceiling from the ground floor. Upstairs is only half the size of downstairs and was closed the Wednesday night I was in.

Ten dancers are on stage and three are topless and have natural large breast or the best boob jobs I have ever seen. You don't need naked dancers here as the dancers are wearing white shorts that are pulled up so tight that you can see every curve. There are also a couple of dancers with tattoos which looks so impressive on such a hot woman.

Shift change and there was no drop in the quality of dancers or the size in the breasts of the topless dancers. The Fahrenheit gogo bar is a top bar especially if you’re planning on barfining one of the dancers. Price ranges from 1000฿ to 1500฿.

The women inside are worth hanging out with and aren't pushy for drinks therefore you can just sit back and watch the gogo dancers without being hassled.

There is a drinks menu which is easy to read. Tiger draught beer 80฿, Tiger Light bottle 140฿, water 110฿ and drinks for the dancers 150฿.

Once you have been to the Fahrenheit gogo bar I’m sure you will be impressed, the music is good as is the attitude of the dancers which is spot-on.

Just get one or more women over for a drink and see where that takes you. I had one of the dancers over for a drink, talk about a firm body. I’m sure most males go through life and never have the opportunity to hold a women this hot so close. This is why people come to Pattaya in droves.

Fahrenheit Walking Street Pattaya

Fahrenheit Walking Street

I went in on a Wednesday night and had a good time. I’m only guessing but I’d say a Friday or Saturday night at the Fahrenheit gogo bar would be an okay bar to party late into the night. Also check out the Palace GoGo Bar and Baccara.

Fahrenheit Pattaya … 6/10.