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The Dollhouse Pattaya

Dollhouse PattayaThe Dollhouse Pattaya is located just a short walk along Soi 15 via Walking Street. I really am expecting something special tonight. Walking Street is busy as are the couple of bars that I have already been to tonight namely Baccara and Fahrenheit.

The Dollhouse is a good sized gogo bar with a rectangular dance floor that has 15 very attractive dancers on stage. Further on there is a soap filled area with 2 naked chicks inside. The Dollhouse has comfortable stadium seating were you have a good view of what is happening on stage. If you sit on the LHS as you walk in then you can have some tabletop dancing which is always a positive.

The Dollhouse Pattaya has so much going for it with the layout of the bar and the overall concept but the night I ventured in they were let down by bored dancers. With only 4 customers inside most the girls had switched off.

For some reason what they seem not to realize is that the patrons who have ventured inside no matter how many. Do expect to be entertained.

The 2 naked dancers that are covered in soap lay at the edge just talking with the dancers on a break. I’m pretty sure they aren't paid to do that. Of the 15 dancers on stage at least 3 were putting in but to be honest I have never witnessed the boredom that was being radiated by some of the dancers on the dance floor.

I had a couple of dancers come over for a chat but I politely rejected their advances and found one to be rude, very hardened. The other wasn't rude but did give a sour look in my direction. FFS really what's that all about?

The best bars that I have been to have a mamasan that rules the roost, no f.cker gets out of line. Does The Dollhouse Pattaya have a mamasan? Hope so, as I never witnessed anyone taking charge.

Dollhouse Pattaya Soi 15

The Dollhouse Placards within Walking Street

At 45฿ a draught beer during Happy Hour and 65฿ after that means you can have a cheap night out. Barfines are tiered from 800฿ to 1500฿ and to be fair the dancer that I did talk to had a good personality. It’s just a pity that the other women were so negative. A lady drink is 165฿ which is a bit on the expensive side for Pattaya.

Later on I went to Happy Agogo within Walking Street which is one of their sister bars and found the dancers to be up for a good time.

The Dollhouse Pattaya has so much going for it. The dancers look so hot in their skimpy uniforms with some of the best body's I have seen in Pattaya. They just need direction.

The Dollhouse Pattaya … 5/10 (Has the potential to be a top bar).