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Diamonds Bangkok Nana Plaza

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza is Diamonds Bangkok Gogo Bar. Here they mainly have gogo dancers with several ladyboys thrown into the mix. There is no confusion as the ladyboys stick with each other which makes them easy to spot. You may recognize Diamonds Bangkok if you have been to Nana Plaza in the past couple of years as they are housed in the shell left by Candy Land 2. There has been no change to the decor or the layout of the bar. In fact the only change that I can see has been shipping in a handful of ladyboys.

Diamonds Bangkok Nana Plaza

Entrance to Diamonds Bangkok

When you enter Diamonds Bangkok there is usually a good vibe within the bar. They have comfortable stadium style bench seats giving you a good view of the dance floor. The Dance floor will hold ten gogo dancers comfortably. There is a rotating section at the head of the dance floor but that hasn’t been in operation the nights I have been inside.

They have a good mix of gogo dancers here ranging from early 20’s to mid 30’s. Take a seat and get them over for a drink and with not much prompting they will be on your lap in no time. The music being played is good but it is only belting out of one speaker! This does take away a bit of enjoyment if you are into listening to the songs being played.

The ladyboys leave you alone as soon as they see you are not showing any interest in their direction. Just walk in and only look at the women! They will get the message pretty quick. After that you can watch what the ladyboys get up to within the bar without being hassled.

A beer costs 160 Baht as does a lady drink. If you are lucky enough to spot someone that you would like to take from the bar then a barfine costs 600 Baht. The waitresses are all friendly enough as was everyone that I dealt with at Diamonds Bangkok.

Diamonds Bangkok is a Tourist friendly bar since it is so obvious to every man and his dog who the ladyboys are.

Diamonds Bangkok Nana Plaza … 6/10.