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Crazy House Bangkok

Located at the entrance to Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit Soi 23 Bangkok is the Crazy House Go-Go Bar. The first thing that you notice when you walk in is this place is packed! Okay that wasn't the first thing but I will come to that. Crazy House is a medium sized Go-Go Bar but has a ground floor and an upper floor therefore is big if put together, on the ground floor there is a peanut shaped elevated dance floor that hold about 16 dancers comfortably.

Crazy House Bangkok

Crazy House Bangkok Soi 23

It really is packed so I paused for a few seconds and thought where to sit eg: over in the corner with all the losers or grab one of the lasts seats around the dance floor where all the dancers are naked ok think for 0.00001 seconds, lets be a winner and sit around the dance floor and wow the resolution really goes up when you sit this close.

At Crazy House they really do have some very attractive dancers and they're not shy at all and are very comfortable with their body's, they also have a good rotation of dancers so there's no drop in quality when they take a break.

Crazy House BangkokWhen the women do come off the dance floor they just walk around naked, like I said no shyness here. If you look up at the ceiling you will notice that it's the dance floor to the upper floor which is see through therefore you get to see what is going on upstairs.

The drink staff are very good and will hang back waiting for you to call them over for another drink. I asked about how much it is to barfine one of the dancers but they want to bring the Mamasan over but I declined as the music is way to loud to talk with anyone but it didn't really bother me as I was more interested with what was going on the dance floor. I did notice a few guys buying some drinks for the dancers and some were sitting on their laps naked. At other bars like The Dollhouse when they’re in their birthday suits the dancers put something on when they come off the stage. Well not here!

At Crazy House they have an elevator to the 1st floor which the girls take so I take the stairs I guess fat guys can take the elevator as well. Upstairs it seems more laid back there is a square dance floor that is either Perspex or thick glass there were 3 chicks dancing barefoot. It wasn't as busy up here so didn't hang around as all the main action is downstairs.

You really can spend a few hours here without feeling bored as there are more than a few very good looking women and some really know how to dance in an erotic way. If you are coming to Bangkok on a holiday and visit Soi Cowboy then Crazy House is a must see bar.

If you like Crazy House then also have a look at Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar - The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar and the Baccara Go-Go Bar. A barfine is around 800 Baht.

Crazy House Bangkok8½/10.