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Bangkok's Best Bars 2019 Edition

People have different ideas of what constitutes a good gogo bar. Some just like to sit and watch where as others are more active but may have no intentions in barfining one of the dancers. There is no use beating around the bush. It’s not how good looking the dancers are or how modern the bar is inside. It’s all about getting a decent There begs the question where can you get a decent in this city when it comes to gogo bars? We need break it down to what is a decent A woman juiced up to the max getting banged and the last thing she wants is for you to blow is a good start. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. She’ll toss you off and get on top riding through her orgasms … Now that’s a great! One of the best things you can do is once you know she’s almost done. Flip her over and tongue her out (Not with a Hooker) … She’ll be destroyed! Once destroyed pound her hard and drop your load. She will stay all night as most chicks can’t walk too good after that. Just slip it back in whenever you get the urge … She wont mind.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

These encounters are infrequent which makes them so great. As a minimum you’d want to barfine a woman that digs you. Open up a bit with your personality (If you have one) then you’ll know if she’s up for a good time. I’ve seen guys leave gogo bars with what I would best describe as a good looking Mannequin. I can just tell they are in for dry since she’s not into him. I bet he ignored all the women that might have been good for him. Just focusing on the best looking dancers. She’ll be back in her Tomboys arms in no time.

Just imagine banging some of the chicks at The Dollhouse at Soi Cowboy (Image Above). It’s got to be awesome! Onething you know when you hang with a dancer at The Dollhouse is … They want it!

If she juices up, moves a little and doesn’t want you to stop … Now you have a decent! That’s what you want when you visit Bangkok. I’m talking tourists or anyone that doesn’t put drinking ahead of banging a woman. Beer first equals … Crazy Sh.t!

Here's a list of bars where the odds of getting laid at an acceptable level are high for 2019. An unacceptable level is a dry pillow The more hot looking dancers in a bar the harder it’ll be to find a chick that's up for an all night banging session. Choose correctly and look past her good looks or you’ll get what you deserve … Disappointment!

Bangkok’s Best GoGo Bars for 2019

Soi Cowboy

Rawhide, Lucky Star, The Dollhouse, Toy Bar, Jungle Jim's, Moonshine Joint, Cowboy 2, Cactus Bar, Suzie Wong, Baccara, Crazy House. For smokers hit the Dundee Bar.


Bada Bing, Kings Castle 2, Kiss Bar, Kings Corner and Glamour.

Nana Plaza

Diamonds Bangkok, Erotica, Twister Bar, Enter Bar, Billboard, Rainbow 3, Spanky’s, Twister BKK. Then there is Sexy Night for those who like a woman with a bit of experience. I haven’t hit Angelwitch or Lollipop of late therefore they didn’t make the list.

For some nice wet f.cks at beer bars then hit Soi 4 Nana. The best bars for a look are … Morning Night Bar, K&S Bar (the under 30’s), Hillary 4. For a chance at a jackpot then check Stumble Inn or the Golden Beer Bar as you walk by. By pure luck there might be someone there that’s right up your alley.

Bada Bing Patpong

Bada Bing Patpong

Now if all that isn’t mental enough. How about the losers that hit gogo bars just for the wank of bragging the next day. I wrote about this the last time I went to Tilac in Soi Cowboy (Bangkok Bars Vol 2). I’ve noticed more of the knob brigade have been hitting the top floor of Nana Plaza of late … Wank! Wank! Wank! These f.ckers can turn me off of any bar when they're inside.

Best GoGo Bars for Japanese Visitors

Nana Plaza

Rainbow 4, Rainbow 2, Butterflies, Obsession (ladyboys), Diamonds Bangkok (mixed), Temptations (ladyboys), Straps (ladyboys).

Soi Cowboy

Baccara, Cockatoo Bar (ladyboys), Crazy Cat (mixed), Sahara (mixed) Midnite (mixed).


Kings Castle 1, Bada Bing, Kings Corner 2 (ladyboys), Kings Corner (mixed).

With regard to Advertising. Going into a bar at Nana Plaza just to see if they’re interested in advertising is worse than going to a dentist … I’ll leave that to the Povs! There are a couple bars that I’m into but for a fact that they don’t do advertise means why bother wasting time chasing duds. I’ll show a more unbiased view of what I think is a good gogo bar. Its got to be about getting laid! Otherwise it’s all just a wank!

When I first started this website I thought that escort agencies were the perfect fit for advertising. Luckily Smooci was born taking the Escort Market forward. When it comes to gogo bars The Dollhouse at Soi Cowboy  and Billboard Bangkok tick all the boxes. That’s all you want you want when it comes to advertising.

Since it’s the end of the year here is the dumbest named gogo bar … “Playskool” at Nana Plaza! Imagine heading back from your holiday and telling anyone at work that you had been banging chicks at a bar called Playskool. What are people going to think? … Pedo!

Smooci Bangkok