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Baccara Pattaya

I was surprised when I first seen the Baccara GoGo Bar as I was expecting something with double the frontage within Walking Street Pattaya. When you hear the name Baccara you think big not small. Looks can be deceiving as Baccara Agogo Pattaya is a long bar set over two levels with a customary glass dance floor so you can see the gogo dancers above. There is a fireman's pole linking both dance floors which is in operation during their shows.

Baccara PattayaBaccara Agogo Pattaya

When you go to Baccara they more than likely will be busy. People know this should be a well run bar and the name alone will attract customers inside. Especially anyone who has been to Baccara Bangkok.

On the LHS as you enter there are comfortable bench seats which are separated by a couple of small tables which will have gogo dancers on top dancing away. There is a long dance floor that has around 14 attractive gogo dancers hanging onto a chrome pole. You can sit around the dance floor or against the wall on stools.

The atmosphere is good at Baccara and peaks at show time. The stage clears then out of the blue 10 dancers slide down the fireman's pole separately and the energy that several dancers showed on the dance floor is pretty impressive, one in particular was truly amazing. Talk about fit. A few lost their tops in the process which added to the spectacle.

The main theme was energy and they really pulled it off. The songs played during the show were very good, just what a gogo dancer is looking for.

There is a steep spiral staircase which leads upstairs to another dance floor. Since I had one to many drinks and didn’t want to negotiate the stairs coming back down. I didn’t head on up for a look.

 More than a few guys had a dancer over for a drink. I didn’t have my customary drink with anyone as there was no place for her to sit since it was so busy. A draught beer is 69฿, Tiger Light 150฿ and a lady drink is 145฿.

Also have a look at Happy Agogo, Fahrenheit and Sugarbaby Agogo.

Baccara Pattaya … 8/10.