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Living Dolls 1 Pattaya

Living Dolls 1 GoGo Bar is located in Walking Street Pattaya within a small lane next to Crazy House. I was pleasantly surprised entering Living Dolls 1 finding a large older style gogo bar. Which does add a bit of character to the bar that more than a few people will appreciate. Bench seats are against the walls and there are tables with stools scattered within the bar. Now Closed!

Living Dolls Pattaya

Living Dolls 1 Walking Street

There is a good sized peanut shaped dance floor that would hold 18 dancers comfortably. One thing I will say about the gogo dancers is that they’re several years older than what you will find other bars, more than half will be 30+

Tonight they have 8 dancers on stage and after each song they rotate 2 on then 2 off which is a good idea as it does keep the dance floor fresh. The women inside appear inbetween gogo dancers and bargirls which has a lot of appeal. At least if you barfine someone from here people will have no idea you met them at a gogo bar.

Showtime and all the dancers leave the stage and 4 large breasted dancers take center stage and by the end of the first song then they are topless. One dancer in particular is very attractive therefore I blocked out the rest or at least tried to as by the final song they were all naked.

The music is loud at Living Dolls 1 therefore you have to yell a bit when talking. The drink staff are all good making this a very tourist friendly bar, you don't get hassled by anyone here for drinks. If you plan on paying a barfine for one of the dancers then it’s 1000฿ for short time (2 hours) or 1500฿ for the night. A draught beer or a Thai whiskey costs just 79฿ and a lady drink is 150฿.

Also have a look at Wildcats or Happy Agogo.

Living Dolls 1 Pattaya … 5½/10. Now Closed …. Living Dolls Showcase is still open.