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Instagram Bangkok Nightlife 2019 Bangkok Ladyboys

Temptations Ladyboy Bar

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza. A smallish bar with no place to hide. The ladyboys pile on the pressure for a drink. Not good for first timers to a ladyboy bar.

Kings Corner 2Kings Corner 2

Half the ladyboys have had the chop here so if you ask are they are a ladyboy you will be told no. A very high pressure bar to buy anyone a drink. Patpong.

Soi Cowboy BangkokCockatoo

High pressure until buy a drink, the night I went was full sick stuff with a few customers hopefully it was a one-off since being the only full ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy.


A good bar for first timers just make your choice quick then can sit back and relax, can get busy which adds to the atmosphere. Nana Plaza.

Chili Bar logo Nana PlazaChili Bar

There are plenty of ladyboys hanging around out front. You will see two or three ladyboys on the ground floor enticing customers upstairs. Check them all out before heading inside.

King’s Corner

Busy bar with a mix with regular women they rotate the gogo dancers with the ladyboys on stage a low pressure bar. Can get busy during high season. Patpong.

DC10 BarDC 10

Now a ladyboy bar usually has a few out front so if no one takes your fancy keep walking as its a narrow bar and looks like would be full on pressure. Nana Plaza.


A good bar with no hassles if you want go and just relax then this is a cool place to hangout. Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza.

Obsession Ladyboy BarObsession

Good atmosphere and a busy gogo bar worth a look as has some very attractive dancers working inside. Located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza.

Straps Nana PlazaStraps

Busy bar on Friday and Saturday nights but worth a look if you can get a seat, there are more than a few ladyboys that are post-op. Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza.

Mercury Bar BangkokMercury Ladyboy Bar

New to the ladyboy scene the Mercury Bar has a friendly group of ladyboys. A low pressure bar which is located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza.

Mixed Bars!

Some bars have a few ladyboys working inside. Here are a few that I have come across and of course freelancers! Most are up front about having post-op ladyboys within their bar. If ever in doubt then ask!!!

Sukhumvit Soi 4 FreelancersFreelancers

Out front the Nana Hotel opposite Nana Plaza and along Soi 4 ladyboys frequent this area make sure you know what you are doing if head down this path, stay sober.

Sahara bar - Soi CowboySahara

The night I went the ladyboys where in black dresses and there were only three so it was easy to pick who's who. Sahara can be a fun bar to hang out in when at Soi Cowboy.

Midnite go-go bar - BangkokMidnite Go-Go Bar

With only only a couple of ladyboys and usually wearing a black dress you shouldn't have to much trouble picking them out in a crowd. Soi Cowboy.

Lollipop Nana PlazaLollipop Gogo Bar

A tourist friendly bar where you might be struggling at times to spot the ladyboys. The open aired front bar is a good place to sit if you plan on watching what is happening within Nana Plaza.

Diamonds Bangkok Nana PlazaDiamonds Bangkok

At Diamonds Bangkok you will have no problem spotting the ladyboys. This bar can get a bit rowdy with the right crowd inside. The ladyboys wont disappoint if you are up for some fun.

Cowboy 2 Soi CowboyCowboy 2

Cowboy 2 is a busy gogo bar with a large number of gogo dancers. There are around six to eight ladyboys present on any given night. The Ladyboys wear tartan skirts.

London CallingLondon Calling

When you walk in if you see regular women dancing after a few songs its shift change time and then its the ladyboys turn. Low pressure bar. Nana Plaza.

Five Star Soi CowboyFive Star

Newly renovated the Five Star Bar has a few ladyboys who wear a black dress. Only the women dance therefore there should be no confusion. Soi Cowboy.

Ladyboys Bangkok Bangkok Bars Vol 2

Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok

A visit to a ladyboy bar is on a lot of tourists to do list when they travel to Bangkok Thailand. Nana Plaza and Patpong have the most ladyboy bars, one thing you need be prepared for is the relentless pressure from all the ladyboys to buy one of them a drink. Once you make your choice all the rest will back-off then just sit back and relax and watch how the next sucker handles the pressure.

So what to do when you have this in your face, look how hot I am, sitting next to you. Well if your straight there’s nothing more a ladyboy likes is talk about all the work they have had done and of course how good they look.

It’s is all interesting stuff if you haven't been to Thailand before. It doesn't matter to them how many times you tell them you are straight or married. As in their minds everyone has to try a ladyboy at least once.

Bangkok Ladyboys Soi 4 Nana

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana Ladyboys

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Soi 4 Nana on a Friday Night

Below is a list of bars that I have reviewed that have ladyboys. Some are mixed with regular women which does make for challenge on a few occasions.

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