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Hillary 2 Nana Soi 4 Bangkok

If you are after a game of pool or want to listen to a live band then Hillary 2 has both and is only a few minutes walk along Nana Soi 4. On a Friday or Saturday night Hillary 2 can get quite busy. The main attraction here is the band, you will see more than a few western couples inside, mixed with bargirls who have hooked up with some lucky guy who is keeping her on tow during the duration of his vacation.

Hillary 2  Nana Soi 4

Hillary 2 - Pool Tables

There are 6 large flat screen TV’s scattered around the bar. I do like the layout here with 2 good sized pool tables in the front half of the bar. If that's what you are here for then you wont be disturbed by the people here at Hillary 2 watching the band.

The bargirls (30’s) are cool enough and don't pester you for a drink. If one of them catches your eye then just head on over and take it from there. If feel things (eg: she turns you on) are going in the right direction you might want to take her from the bar then that will set you back 500฿.

Hillary 2 Band

Hillary 2 - Band

The band is at the back of the bar on the RHS. Here they have table and chairs that surround the dance floor which does get jam packed some nights. The songs played weren't my cup of tea although couples do seem to get into it. In reality its the women that are getting into the band and the guys are just following along.

Hillary 2 do have some beer promotions and the night I was there it was a bottle of Leo for 140฿. Pity I don't drink Leo. I was really surprised when I ordered a Tiger Beer and had to pay for it up-front, 180฿. That's expensive for a beer bar along Soi 4, considering I’m not seeing any chicks in a bikini hanging of a pole.

Hillary 2 Bar Soi 4 … 6/10.