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Goldfinger's Patpong

The last time I came to Patpong to check on Goldfinger’s gogo bar they where closed but tonight the lights are on and the music is pumping I must admit just a bit too loud but I wont mind if I like what I see. (Now Closed).

Goldfinger's - Patpong BangkokGoldfinger's is a medium sized bar with a classic design, the dance floor is located within the bar service area which could have at least 8 women up dancing at one time this place has character some people might think dated but Goldfinger’s really fits in well with the Patpong 1 bar scene.

When I entered they had 4 dancers up dancing and I mean really dancing and too add some topping on the cake three I would barfine right now. I noticed in the corner a dancer under a blanket having a nap I could understand as they have one of the best ventilated gogo bars I have been in and it would have been a bit cold for a Thai lady on a break but perfect for the clientele.

The mamasan is pleasant and didn’t ask for a drink which is a bonus, to barfine a dancer it’s 600฿ and a beer is 150฿. After about five songs it’s shift change time and the dancer under the blanket uncurls herself and up onstage she goes they have five dancing now four good and one very skinny so not my cup of tea.

The lady from under the blanket with her long and I mean long straight blonde tinted hair cruised through the first two songs just setting everyone up to notice she's there with her very athletic body and stunning hair then she just ripped into the third song that just blew all the other dancers and people watching away, the energy was there to be seen by all, talk about fit and lean.

She kept it going until halfway through the fourth song then for 30 seconds just cruised until the familiar beats you here in gogo bars kicked in and there she was back into it until the end of her set, one word … Impressive.

I have witnessed on a few other occasions when a dancer has stopped most people in their tracks once was at Bada Bing where she just cruised up and then bang from nowhere got right into it and the other time was at Bubbles in Nana Plaza where this dancer was lean and her energy well she didn't stop. However this Dancer is both of them rolled into one.

If you like to see some impressive dancing then head to Goldfinger’s gogo bar and sit back have a drink in one of the best old style bars in Patpong.

Here's a bit of an update, I have been inside several times during the first quarter of 2016 and the dancer I have mentioned hasn't been seen. I made a few enquiries and apparently she has left Bangkok and headed back home, wherever that may be?

Goldfinger’s Go-Go Bar 6/10.