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Geisha Bar Nana Plaza

Located on the top floor of Nana Plaza is the Geisha Bar. With a name like that it appears that owners are going after the Japanese customers. Cool name, cool logo this could be a hit with the demographic they are targeting. Once opened I’ll head on in and review the bar. I need a reason to go in, but for now I just can’t find one.

Geisha Bar Nana Plaza

Top floor of Nana Plaza

Construction is slow I’d guess due to the amount of work it would take stripping out the old Charades Bar rock theme.

Geisha Bar Nana Plaza Consruction.

The Geisha Bar construction

As you can see by the image above the amount of work that they are undertaking. Once complete the Geisha Bar should be good addition to the bars that are already at Nana Plaza.

Geisha Bar Nana Plaza … Review coming one day. In the mean time checkout Spankys Bangkok.