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Erotica Go-Go Bar Nana Plaza

Located on the middle floor tucked away within the stairs leading to the top floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok is the Erotica Go-Go Bar near Rainbow 3. I have seen their cool sign but have never ventured inside until now. What a surprise I got finding a bar at Nana Plaza where more than half the dancers are topless.

Erotica Nana Plaza NeonErotica Go-Go Bar is a small to medium size with an interestingly shaped dance floor. It's either a key hole or a knob! My first impression was the latter. The dance floor holds about 14 dancers comfortably. A beer tonight costs 155 Baht and if you wish to barfine anyone then that will cost you 700 Baht. Which looks well worth it looking at the gogo dancers on display tonight. (Also checkout Angelwitch).

There are some very attractive dancers here and they do interact well with the customers when they are up on the dance floor. I didn't know where to look at one stage as had three Dancers giving me the eye. Come on barfine me. There was one woman in particular that pushed all the right buttons and yes she could really dance.

Now the right thing to do would be getting her over for one drink just to check out her personality then barfine her quick that way you will save plenty not having to buy any of her friends a drink. That's not the main reason… If you want to have a memorable time with a hot Thai woman then don't drink too much!! It's better being a cheap Charlie (their lingo) than a limp Charlie.

The bar staff are all good at Erotica as is the music. I didn't really take much notice of anything else but the women dancing That’s what you want at a gogo bar. When I entered the Erotica Go-Go Bar there were 12 on stage and 6 topless. Big small it’s all on display so no one should be disappointed… I’m talking breasts here.

After about 6 songs it’s shift change and up step 10 more dancers. Four are topless with no drop in quality of the dancing or the gogo dancers.

Erotica Go-Go Bar gets busy and I can see why. When you know this place you will keep on coming back.

Erotica Go-Go Bar … 6/10