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Easy Lick Nana Plaza

Located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza is the Easy Lick Gogo Bar. At least here you can have a game of pool as you gawk at the gogo dancers taking a break. Do yourself a favor and don’t have too much to drink before heading inside to the gogo area. Easy Lick is a mixed bar and what that means is … Inside there are ladyboys!!! Good luck in spotting them as at this stage you aren’t told who is who. Keep your wits about yourself and you can still have an enjoyable night out. (Easy Lick is no more. In its place is the Playskool Gogo Bar).

Easy Lick Bangkok

Have a game of pool @ Easy Lick!

At Easy Lick they do have several attractive gogo dancers that look like they would be a bit of fun to hangout with. Once you have one of the dancers over for a drink, now you need stay strong and learn to say … No! The waitress will more than likely also ask for a drink and before you know it the Mamasan will be over like a shot. Be firm but friendly … No means No!!!

I watched as one guy barfined one of the gogo dancers and whilst she was away getting changed the Mamasan asked three times for a drink. I had an eye on him early and he bought two rounds of drinks which included one for the waitress and the Mamasan. Therefore it’s a bit of cheek to ask for another one. As he was paying his bill plus barfine he lent over and told me he’s just glad he has any money left.

It does irk me that inside they still have the old signage for the failed Playskool gogo bar still in place. If your going with a new brand the get rid of the old one as quickly as possible.

On the dance floor the eight gogo dancers are overshadowed by the two ladyboys on stage. Who lock right onto the customers. They need learn to back off as the guys that are into ladyboys will let them know. Diamonds Bangkok does it right as there ladyboys wont even look in your direction once they see you’re only into women.

The dancers do look good on stage and there is plenty of camel-toe on display. The dancers will get on you lap which always makes for an enjoyable night out. Drinks are a 165 Baht and a lady drink costs 185 Baht. This is well worth since she will be up close and personal. Once you cant handle her grinding you stupid and your up for it … A barfine at Easy Lick costs 800 Baht.

Easy Lick is a clean modern gogo that finds it hard to draw a crowed. They just need be up front about having ladyboys and get them to tone down their advances. Then they might get a crowd!

Easy Lick Nana Plaza … 5/10.