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Crazy Cat Soi Cowboy

The Crazy Cat Go-Go Bar is located opposite DeJavu and next to the Lucky Star Bar. Most people who know Soi Cowboy will be saying that’s the Cocktail Club, well you’re right. There has been a name change and everything looks the same in regard to the infrastructure. Crazy Cat is the size of the Toy Bar but you aren’t going to fun with the dancers to the extent that you can at the Toy Bar!

Crazy Cat Soi Cowboy

Crazy Cat Gogo Dancers

The inside of the bar is modern and feels clean which is the opposite to most of the smaller bars within Soi Cowboy. The dance floor can hold four dancers comfortably, you do get a good view of what is going on. There are flat screen TV’s at either end of the bar if you would prefer to watch some football. The night I went most people were pre-occupied watching the dancers or had one of them over for a drink to even think about looking at the TV’s.

There’re several Coyote dancers either inside or out front when on a break. The night I went the bargirls were in black which does throw a bit of confusion into the mix as it is well known now that, at most of the bigger bars what a woman in a black dress means. If in doubt just ask.

A beer cost 170 Baht but if you arrive before 9 pm then it will only set you back 90 Baht. The music is good for the dancers but I wish they would invest in another speaker as stereo always sound better.

A barfine is around the 600 Baht mark and I'm sure there were a couple of guys the night I went had already made plans to take some chicks from the bar. If you spot someone out front that you are interested in, then head on into the Crazy Cat Gogo Bar.

Crazy Cat Soi Cowboy … 6/10.