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Corner Bar Soi Cowboy

Located at the entrance to Soi Cowboy is the Corner Bar which features a live band. Some nights the band really is rocking and on those nights the bar will be packed. The Corner Bar is smaller than the Country Road Bar which is opposite. When I took a seat inside I noticed straight away that the music is too loud if you wanted to have a conversation with any of the women inside.  A look around the Corner Bar and at the clientele you notice pretty quickly that the way a few were carrying on that the bar can feel quite rough! There is one pool table which is a good addition to the bar.

Corner Bar Bangkok

Corner Bar Soi Cowboy Live Band

After a few songs it was that time for the band to take a break and I thought ok lets have a chat with one of the bargirls inside when bang the DJ starts playing and I'm sure the volume was set louder than the band. Now I like loud music but really what's my purpose here at Soi Cowboy tonight? Its to hangout with chicks!!! Therefore I pick up my beer (160 Baht) and head outside.

Now we are talking this is where the Corner Bar comes into its own. What a good spot sitting right at the entrance with a good view of Soi Cowboy. Even the women look better as most of the older bargirls appear to be inside. The atmosphere outside feels relaxed as do the bargirls working. If the bands on form then just head back inside. Hopefully with a woman by your side this time.

It’s good to see no one is pushing for a drink which  gives you the opportunity to take your time and pick who you want to chat with. Not the other way round. It’s a different scene at this end of Soi Cowboy with live bands and bars with pool tables all close-by. If you just want to let loose listening to a live band then the Corner Bar is now as good as any of the bars with bands.

Corner Bar Soi Cowboy … 6/10.