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Chili Bar Nana Plaza

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok is the Chili Go-Go Bar next to Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar. When you enter the Chili Bar you realize it is identical to Erotica Go-Go Bar with the keyhole shaped dance floor the only difference is it all appears slightly bigger. That’s not the only difference as the Chili Bar is in fact a ladyboy bar. You will usually see two or three of the ladyboys on the ground floor of Nana Plaza trying to drum up some business. If you like what you see then head on over.

Chili Bar  Nana Plaza

Chili Bar Ladyboys

If you decide to go up alone you will notice the Chili Bar ladyboys out front more often than not will be wearing a bikini. The ladyboys here aren’t post-op therefore the block and tackle will be tucked up somewhere. Don't be indecisive around the entrance to the Chili Bar as it is tucked in by the stairs leading to the top floor of Nana Plaza. Once you enter this area then you're going in… for at least one drink!!

Most nights you will be able to get a Chang Beer for 95 Baht. Other brands then expect to 160 Baht a bottle. The ladyboys are cool enough here at the Chili Bar and the masses will leave you alone once you have bought one of them a drink.

Chili Go-Go Bar … 6/10.