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Bliss Pattaya

Bliss GoGo Bar is one of the first bars that you will encounter on a visit to Walking Street Pattaya. Bliss is a medium sized gogo bar with a long narrow dance floor where the chrome poles are attached to the floor and don't go all the way to the roof. You can forget about any pole dancing show then as it would be impossible. There are 14 dancers on stage and all look good in their white pants. Three dancers are topless which is always a good sign when you enter a gogo bar.

Bliss Gogo Bar Pattaya

Bliss Agogo Walking Street Pattaya

Bliss clearly have an A-team when it comes to the dancers. I just happened to be thinking that the chicks at Fahrenheit were hotter!! Then it was shift change time and up stepped the A-team and two of them just happened to be naked except for stockings and high heals. What a good look……:) I did have a couple of dancers come over for a chat, they got the message pretty quick that I was more interested watching the dancers on stage…. Well they’re the A-team.

The dancers rotate around the dance floor after each song. There are a couple of very good dancers at Bliss which is a bonus for any gogo bar. At Bliss they have a promotion on a Wednesday Night were all regular drinks are 90 this can change at anytime therefore just have a read of the placard that one of the dancers will be holding out front.

The night I went a draught beer cost 80฿ and a Tiger Light was 140฿. If you are looking to barfine one of the dancers the the regular dancers are 1000฿ and the gogo dancers with the wrist bands are 1500฿.

Bliss is a good bar to spend some time inside. The staff are friendly and there are some very attractive dancers on stage. The music is good, you wont have to strain to hear whoever you decide to talk with.

Also checkout Palace Agogo or Wildcats.

Bliss Bar Pattaya … 6/10.