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BarBar Fetish Club Patpong

If you want something different when in Bangkok then you will get it here at BarBar Fetish Club located in Patpong Soi 2 next to The Strip gogo bar you wont miss it as they have a doorman out front usually swinging a cane drawing your attention to the entrance of the BarBar Club. Once inside you get a drink which is included in the entrance fee and the the fun begins.

Bar Bar Patpong

The BarBar Crew

I took a seat and sat back with my drink as a mistress came over with her slave yeah kinky stuff this and before I knew it the slave had her top off showing some rather large breasts which then had rope wrapped around them that lifted and made her breasts really stand out which did look good visually.

The mistress then proceeded to pour hot wax over the slaves breasts then why not put clothes pegs on her lips whilst she's at it, I’m not talking about the mouth here. Now the slave faces the wall and has hot wax dripped on her buttocks I must admit that she looked pretty hot leaning against that wall.

So what to do now well whip her of course and I was invited up to help give her a good thrashing you can join in at anytime and run your hands all over her body. I will give you a tip don't whip her too hard as your turn is coming.

After the whipping session is finished you sit back down and the slave gets on all fours and proceeds to do what ever she wants and before I knew it she had her face in my groin for a good nibble through my jeans.

Once the nibbling is finished I thought well that was cool and it was over but no they wanted to tie me to a rack whilst standing, so yeah why not I have never done this before. I get strapped in and I'm thinking this will be cool then they tell me the safety word incase it’s too much for me, WTF HA HA wait until I’m strapped in then tell me this.

I did get a bit worried when they undid my belt as I thought there going to dack me right here in the club but thankfully it was only to reveal the buttocks where the mistress proceeded to pour hot wax no problem then the whipping started, again no problem as you can see by the picture they could have had a field day with me with any of that equipment since I'm strapped to a rack.

Near the end they did go for a bit of pain as they used a paddle that felt a bit rough and started to hurt but there was no way I was going to stop it now. I was thinking where did this paddle come from as I didn't see the slave take a beating with it. I must be the slave now FFS.

Overall it was a good experience and I can see the attraction, that's where my night ended but there is plenty more to do at BarBar Fetish Club I just scratched the surface.

BarBar Fetish Club Patpong … 6½/10.