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Dropping a Load

Lets slide into the gutter and see if we can come out the other end with a bit of logic. The lean mean dancing f.cking machine that makes a top gogo dancer will have a routine when it come to eating. These chicks aren’t devouring a full meal whilst on shift. Do yourself a favor and keep walking past any bar that have the remains of noodle soups or other meals pilled up out front. Whoever is running these bars is soft when it comes to laying down rules. The more professionally run the bar the less you will see the after affects of eating too much. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone having a light snack when hungry but to have a full blown meal in their profession is ludicrous. Their job is to dance with the possibility of getting barfined at any moment which makes not eating a no brainer.

It’s so basic! They should be eating between 2 and 3pm. That way they'll have plenty of time to hit the sh.tter then shower before heading off to work. They’ll be raring to go for anyone up for a good time. Now if that is the norm then that’s a gogo bar you’d want to go to. Barfine a chick then bang for hours. After that then it’s time to have a bite to eat. Don’t waste your time with a dancer with a full stomach.

Crazy House Bangkok Dancers

Crazy House Bangkok.

The dancers eating full meals during work hours will definitely be stuffed. There’s no way that she is going to get right into a decent bang session. I’ve gone on about this before but the poorer bars continue with this practice. Bigger bars can get away with it …. Just! By their weight of numbers there will be a group of dancers with the brains to know what their job entails. At Pattaya I notice as late as 3am the gogo dancers before heading home grabbing a bite to eat … That’s how you do it! The main culprits are at Nana Plaza and Crazy House Bangkok. I do find it off putting walking around the middle and top floors at Nana Plaza, seeing the remains of food that have been partially devoured. Put it in a bin FFS. Dont tell me they just leave it to eat later. I noticed a guy a few weeks ago having a bit of a cough. With nowhere to spit he just spat into a half eaten bowl of soup … HA HA.

There is no way in hiding it at Crazy House Bangkok. I’m not talking about watching the dancers out front eating a plate of prawns. Take a seat around the dance floor for a bit of education. I’ve seen a clitoris the size of a woman's thumb and once stroked it appeared to be erect … HA HA or at least stimulated that it filled with blood. I’ve seen piles on piles that looked like only surgical intervention could get that butt hole back into shape.

You just know this chick had recently hit the sh.tter dropping a couple of extra large torpedo's. At anytime just look up and you’ll spot a couple of butt holes that have had recent action … With the price’s that you pay for a drink inside these bars then whoever is in charge could show a bit of professionalism. Do something about the amount of food that some of the dancers are consuming. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they aren’t dropping man sized turd's!

I have noticed that some people that don’t bang for bit of fun do think Patpong is on a major decline. Who cares that The Strip died a slow death … The Strip in the end was poor for a long time … Fact! The Thai run gogo bars are doing just fine. Now if you’re into banging then Patpong is Sh.t Hot! Last week I got stopped in my tracks passing Kings Corner. There I was staring at several women on the dance floor that you’d barfine there and then. I’m not talking about a skinny gogo dancer that people think would be good in the sack. I’m talking women that I just know are going to juice up between the sheets. What else can you ask for? A ladyboy? Well you’re in luck as Kings Corner has them as well.

In the end who cares what anyone thinks of gogo bars if they’re not into banging when they go out. Just hit the Irish Bars if that’s the case. Basically all the gogo bars within Patpong 1 and 2 are worth a look if you plan on getting laid. Just choose what you’re into … Women, ladyboys or guys. Too easy!

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Bangkok on Wednesday Night.

Soi Cowboy has felt a bit flat of late. Although going into a few bars like Tilac and The Dollhouse both have been busy. Jungle Jim’s was quiet … Jackpot! If you haven’t figured it out yet …  Get in there if you are after a bit of hands-on action.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in Amsterdam recently. Not by choice as I was just doing a flight transfer when India and Pakistan decided to fire up. I’ll give the Dutch this their Hotels and Food industry's are top notch … Thanks to KLM I got looked after all expenses paid. I’d strongly recommend KLM to anyone traveling to Europe or Bangkok.

New to YouTube this past week:

Bangkok Ladyboys (Part 2)

At Nana Plaza Spanky’s is really packing them in of late. Billboard still remains a firm favorite amongst the faithful. The Enter Bar and Twister BKK are two bars that you can have a bit of a wild time … If you’re up for it. Both Diamonds Bangkok and the Twister Bar are both worth a look when you are cruising along the middle floor of Nana Plaza.

Soi 4 Nana is still awash with freelancers. I have now talked to more than a few and have come to the conclusion that the majority are worth hanging out with. It only takes a few minutes to figure out who the duds are. If they can’t crack a smile then don’t bother wasting your time. Last week I was standing next to a short freelancer when an Indian guy (mid 20’s) came over. He looked at her and she immediately said in decent English … “There is no use looking at anyone as they wont go with you!” HA HA … Harsh!