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Moving Forward

This past year the Weekly Column took on a more foul mouthed approach to what was written. For those that did not know. The Weekly Column is used for a draft of the next E-book of the Bangkok Bars Series. 2018 the theme was more in the gutter therefore it just kept on its designated path. I haven’t as yet decided whether to knock out another E-book for 2019 since time can be spent more productively on other ventures.

In the meantime the YouTube Channel will keep on pouring out videos. Lets be honest you’re better off watching a video of the Sukhumvit, Silom or Pattaya areas than reading about it.

Pattaya New Year 2019

Pattaya 2019 (Image from Video)


Vietnam Nightlife 2019 (Saigon Part 2)

                        A walk through back alleys and nearby streets to Bui Vien.

Vietnam Nightlife 2019 (Saigon)

                        Bui Vien Walking Street on a Thursday Night.

Pattaya New Year 2019 (Part 2)

                        It’s a long night!

Pattaya New Year 2019

                        New year celebrations within Walking Street.

Pattaya Tourist Destinations

                        Take a look at Soi 6, Soi 7 and Walking Street.

Walking Street Pattaya | Unfiltered

                        Raw! Tourist Police and Women.

Bada Bing GoGo Bar | Patpong


If you are planning a holiday to Thailand. You can search or book a hotel via the links below. I will update this page with new videos on a regular basis. When and if I get more free time then I’ll fire the column back up. Until then YouTube is King!