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Bada Bing Patpong

One of Bangkok's coolest bars is Bada Bing Agogo located within Patpong Soi 2. Here they have more than a few above average looking gogo dancers who are up for a good time if you show any interest in their direction. Bada Bing is a good size with a large dance floor which is separated in the middle giving the illusion of having 2 dance floors. You can sit around the dance floor in one of the comfortable chairs which gives a pretty interesting view of the dancers from your seat level. You can also sit against the wall on the bench seats which is a bit more private if you end up with one of the dancers sitting on your lap.

Bada Bing Patpong

Bada Bing GoGo Dancers

The women dancing are very good I noticed there are 8 girls wearing black tops and 7 wearing pink so I ask the waitress what is the difference in the dancers? She informs me that barfines start at 600฿ and the dancers in the black tops are more expensive at 800฿. With the selection of dancers here tonight you really cant go wrong just make sure you choose the girl that has caught your eye then invite her over for a drink.

The only difference that I could see is age as the dancers in the black tops looked in their early 20's. Patpongs Bada Bing is up there with the better bars at Soi Cowboy and is the best bar within Patpong Soi 2 if you’re after a lady for the night.

I was lucky enough to witness something special at Bada Bing on one of my visits. It was just one of those nights as from nowhere 2 of the best dancers I have seen at any Go-Go Bar lit up the stage. It really was hard to take your eye off them. One in particular was totally oblivious of her surroundings and was having a great time dancing by herself. I have only ever seen this level of dancing on a few occasions and the last time was within the Iron Club at Pattaya.

You will have the dancers on a break come over for a chat but they do go away if you let them know that you aren't interested, which makes Bada Bing a tourist friendly bar. You wont get hassled here.

The music is very good and very easy for the dancers to dance to. The DJ looked a lot more professional than what I have seen at other establishments.

Bada Bing closes at 2:30 am so if you want to make a night of it then you wont go wrong spending your time at Bada Bing. If you do take a fancy to one of the women then do yourself a favor and don't drink too much. Really with chicks this hot why would you want to impair your senses? ‘Nah drink more’ …. Is what a lot of people will be saying.

At Bada Bing they also have a bar area which is separated from the gogo area where you can watch some sports on TV. If you’re not into just sitting and watching the gogo dancers do their stuff then this is a good alternative. What's more important the football or women? If you're on holiday I hope it's the women!! It’s just sad otherwise.

You can also enter Bada Bing via the small lane that joins Patpong 1 and Patpong 2. Here you will see a sign Twilo which is temporary until they can use the Bada Bing signs out front again. Although I have never seen it in operation Bada Bing now has an upstairs area which houses another dance floor.

Bada Bing Patpong … 7/10.

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