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I had dabbled a bit with YouTube a few years ago taking a few short videos with my mobile phone. At the time the quality appeared okay from a mobile phone but now it is just crap compared to what phones can do now. Most phones these days record in HD (1280x720) therefore with good lighting you can get some excellent results. Once the light goes this is where a decent camera comes into play. Now your talking Full HD (1920x1080) at 60 fps. With the capabilities of handling low light you will be able to get some impressive shots. You can even take your images straight from the footage and at 1920x1080 you will be surprised at the results.

Patpong Bangkok

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The image above is taken from some footage shot at 1920x1080 @ 30 fps. It has been cropped and is saved at 95% quality to reduce the file size. If you want to go high end then now they have 4K with resolution set at 3840x2860 which will look impressive on the new ultra-HD TV’s. For YouTube I have a couple of Video’s at Full HD but mostly are set to HD (1280x720) as you can’t see any drop in picture quality watching on a 22 inch Monitor. Watch it on a 40 inch TV then that is where you will notice the difference. Below are a few videos I have produced over the past few weeks.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok #01

Soi Cowboy is the home to some of Bangkok's best gogo bars. Just a short walk from the Asok BTS & Terminal 21 Shopping Complex.

Thaniya Road | Soi Thaniya タニヤ通り

Walk from near Patpong Soi 2 along Surawong Road to Soi Thaniya (Little Japan). Heading towards Sala Deang BTS. One of Bangkok's top tourist locations for Japanese visitors.

Soi 4 Nana #01 HD

Sunday Night walk through Soi 4 Nana. A cool location for tourists when visiting Bangkok. You want action! Then you will get it here. The street food is well worth a try.

Soi Cowboy Daytime

A walk through Soi Cowboy at 1 pm. Rain is on its way. Tilac Bar and the Five Star Bar are both having maintenance done. Most other bars are being cleaned during this time. Food is the main attraction within Soi Cowboy at this time. November 2017.


For anyone who hasn’t read the 2016 Column and would like to then now you can read it in ‘Bangkok Bars Volume 1’. The Ebook version is available for purchase through Amazon at a 40% discount. The discount will run until midnight on Friday the 24th of November. Normal price is $4.99. The paperback version will come out early in 2018.

Bangkok Bars Vol 1

I stayed out of the bars as I was more interested in filming. What I did see this week is that Bangkok is starting to get busy with tourists. I was in Patpong on Tuesday night and was surprised with the amount of tourists. The Kiss Bar had more customers than when I dropped in a couple of weeks ago on a Friday night. The big three Patpong bars were all doing well. Who are the big three? Just throw a Kings in front of their name. Kings Castle 1, Kings Castle 2 and Kings Corner. A gogo bar only needs 2 things …. Be tourist friendly and have the dancers/bargirls with the right attitude. You don’t have this then you are doomed!