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Visa Run

When it’s time for a visa run you can do it hard or easy, jumping in a van and heading off to Cambodia is the hard option and if you’re coming in on a ‘visa on entry’ then you will only get 15 days. This week I had to think how to do it / where to go? Really the last thing I wanted to do was get stuck in a van for 4 hours one way doing a visa run. I might as well make a positive out of a negative and head to Malaysia and see The Patronas Towers. Depending on your passport you don't need a visa before traveling to Malaysia and you get a visa at no cost as you pass through immigration for up to 90 days.  When you fly back to Thailand you should receive a 30 day ‘visa on entry’ if you don't have a valid visa already stamped in your passport.

Since this was all a bit of a rush I'm sure you can get a ticket bit cheaper, a return air ticket into Kuala Lumpur flying with Air Asia out of Don Muang Airport cost 4100 Baht. I have never been to Don Muang Airport but have heard so many bad reports of problems when you return with getting a taxi. I cant see any need to even get a taxi at the airport, save on stress and get the shuttle bus that departs out front of the terminal to Mo-Chit BTS & Chatuchack MRT (next to each other) it runs every 20 min's and cost 30 Baht. Just head to the stations above and get as close to where you are going then get a taxi if you still need one. If that sounds too hard then just stand in line at the airport and get stressed out…..

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