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Visa Run

When it’s time for a visa run you can do it hard or easy, jumping in a van and heading off to Cambodia is the hard option and if you’re coming in on a ‘visa on entry’ then you will only get 15 days. This week I had to think how to do it / where to go? Really the last thing I wanted to do was get stuck in a van for 4 hours one way doing a visa run. I might as well make a positive out of a negative and head to Malaysia and see The Patronas Towers. Depending on your passport you don't need a visa before traveling to Malaysia and you get a visa at no cost as you pass through immigration for up to 90 days.  When you fly back to Thailand you should receive a 30 day ‘visa on entry’ if you don't have a valid visa already stamped in your passport.

Since this was all a bit of a rush I'm sure you can get a ticket bit cheaper, a return air ticket into Kuala Lumpur flying with Air Asia out of Don Muang Airport cost 4100฿. I have never been to Don Muang Airport but have heard so many bad reports of problems when you return with getting a taxi. I cant see any need to even get a taxi at the airport, save on stress and get the shuttle bus that departs out front of the terminal to Mo-Chit BTS & Chatuchack MRT (next to each other) it runs every 20 min's and cost 30฿. Just head to the stations above and get as close to where you are going then get a taxi if you still need one. If that sounds too hard then just stand in line at the airport and get stressed out.