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Rainbow Bars

Since there are five Rainbow Bars at Nana Plaza lets see if I can hit them all of them in one night, I doubt it. There will be one rule and that is, if there is less than five customers inside I’m not going in for a drink. It’s Thursday night, I arrived at Nana Plaza around 10 pm and headed straight to my favorite of all the Rainbow Bars which is Rainbow 3. It just feels like a its got more grunt than the other 4 Rainbow Bars. Inside they have 12 dancers on stage and 10 looked the part hanging of a pole, shuffling away. It’s a bit hard to watch since I have been hitting The Strip in Patpong 2 & know how the chicks move at Billboard. To see the lack of action on the dance floor it’s all a bit of a downer. The positives about Rainbow 3 are, if you just wanted to do a hit and run of barfining one of the dancers then the selection on stage look pretty good. I just hope they perform better between the sheets than they do on the dance floor. When they’re busy and you’re in a group it’s cool that you can stand by a table and have a drink, this adds to the atmosphere of Rainbow 3. Although the lack of dancing does erk me, it’s a gogo bar FFS so, get it on.

Next up I head over to the R & B Bar (the old Rainbow 4). Let the drama begin FFS, it’s full of ladyboys and not one customer inside. I look over at the Fairy Bar where the ladyboys are meant to be and the neon sign is being taken down. There is a cardboard sign out front stating ‘Rainbow 4 Move Here’. Technically they’re wrong as they were re-branded the R & B Bar…..

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