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Rainbow Bars

Since there are five Rainbow Bars at Nana Plaza lets see if I can hit them all of them in one night, I doubt it. There will be one rule and that is, if there is less than five customers inside I’m not going in for a drink. It’s Thursday night, I arrived at Nana Plaza around 10 pm and headed straight to my favorite of all the Rainbow Bars which is Rainbow 3. It just feels like a its got more grunt than the other 4 Rainbow Bars. Inside they have 12 dancers on stage and 10 looked the part hanging of a pole, shuffling away. It’s a bit hard to watch since I have been hitting The Strip in Patpong 2 & know how the chicks move at Billboards, so to see the lack of action on the dance floor it’s all a bit of a downer. The positives about Rainbow 3 are, if you just wanted to do a hit and run of barfining one of the dancers then the selection on stage look pretty good. I just hope they perform better between the sheets than they do on the dance floor. When they’re busy and you’re in a group it’s cool that you can stand by a table and have a drink, this adds to the atmosphere of Rainbow 3. Although the lack of dancing does erk me, it’s a gogo bar FFS so, get it on.

Next up I head over to the R & B Bar (the old Rainbow 4). Let the drama begin FFS, it’s full of ladyboys and not one customer inside. I look over at the Fairy Bar where the ladyboys are meant to be and the neon sign is being taken down. There is a cardboard sign out front stating ‘Rainbow 4 Move Here’. Technically they’re wrong as they were re-branded the R & B Bar.

Here's a brief run down of the Rainbow 4 drama. Rainbow 4 was shut down for having an underage dancer, then after a few months of closure the R & B Bar opened in the shell of the original bar, with the same dancers. The only change was in the name. It was all too confusing, they swapped around the Fairy Bar and the R & B Bar to no success and all back again. It was obvious that the old Rainbow 4 format wouldn't work in the Fairy Bar location which for those who know Nana Plaza is the old Candy Land Bar location, which failed.