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Ladyboy Invasion

The middle floor of Nana Plaza is a bit top heavy with ladyboy bars but the last two editions have been improvements to the bars that they replaced. DC10 transformed from a horror show of a bar which had some of the oldest and unattractive bargirls in all of Bangkok let alone Nana Plaza and was transformed into a ladyboy bar in record time they just shipped the horrors out and in stepped a group of ladyboys.

DC10 is now a lively bar when they get a few customers inside and if quiet the dancers hang out front looking to have some fun, show any interest and before you know it you will be whisked inside. Candy Land was closed and after a few months up popped The Fairy Bar with a large space to fill I really did think this wont work but once I went inside and found one of the best run ladyboy bars I have been inside to review, they run a tight ship and you should be able to sit back and relax a bit which is pretty hard to do in most ladyboy bars…..

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