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Everything has to be set-up perfect to witness the train wreck of a guy hitting Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong and by the end of the night he thinks he has a girlfriend or better yet her thinking she has a boyfriend. All this mysteriously happens once the barfine has been paid. There’s nothing wrong with barfining a chick and of you go holding hands down Soi Cowboy or Nana Soi 4. I’m usually thinking I wonder which bar he got her from? Once you have left the area then all the labels drop and you could be just some guy with his girl.

What we need is a guy around 25-30 and a bargirl in her 20's and when you know he is going to barfine her you can just sit back and watch the show. I usually just try and ignore it but this week at Jungle Jim’s within Soi Cowboy I had a front row seat. I was having a chat with one of the dancers that I know and for some reasons she’s on my lap so I was trapped. The guy next to me had 2 chicks but none on his lap so I’m guessing he’s new to Jungle Jim's but he's not the star of the show it’s the guy opposite sitting by the bar, in that magical age group 25-30 who has just paid a barfine, waiting eagerly for her to come back from getting changed into her street clothes.

At this stage I don't know who he has barfined so everything looks normal with him sitting there looking a bit nervous. What I would be worried about is what is she wearing? Then I see her FFS a true trooper of the bar who will get barfined most nights and if not by closing time when the other workers are having a bite to eat then she can be seen in the Soi hoping to get a customer for the night. Not that she would really need one as when this money making machine hasn't been barfined then she would have tugged on more than one guys sausage during the night at 500฿ a pop. I’m thinking you poor prick, if he only knew how busy this chick is. Now for the action. She stopped briefly to talk with one of the women the guy next to me was entertaining. This poor guy tried say something and she just snapped back “I’m not talking to you!!” HA HA. 1 hour earlier she would have done anything for a drink from this guy. What has changed? Oh yeah she has a boyfriend now. She goes and snuggles up to him (vomit sh.t this).