Soi Cowboy Dancers

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United Nations

This past week I’ve been in Malaysia and came back into Thailand with 24 hours left on my 6 months Tourist Visa. For people that don't know with this Visa you can come and go as you please receiving a 60 day stamp with each entry. I have heard people say that you would want to have a few weeks left on the Visa before making your last entry. This is just scared people talking crap it’s so logical if your Visa is valid even with minutes to go then you’re entitled to another 60 day stamp, there is no grey area.

My plane had been delayed over an hour leaving Kuala Lumpur and I found myself standing in line at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport waiting to go through immigration at 11:20 pm. The only thing that I was worried about whilst standing in the cue was would I make the last skytrain and not that my Tourist Visa was approaching the end of its life.

The Immigration officer found it slightly humorous when he looked at the expiry date on the Visa. My passport is like the United Nations since I have been to every continent on the planet except Africa. He showed the most interest on how many times I’d been to Cambodia then he asked ‘how long I expected to get stamped this time?’ I just said ‘55 days’ He looked confused with that answer and just stamped the passport for 60 days. Easy and I made the last Skytrain with 2 minutes to go.

Talking of United nations the explosion of Freelancers continues to expand along Sukhumvit Soi 4. With the destruction of Strikers Sports Pub and all the other bars plus massage shops within the carpark to the Rajah Hotel. Now just keep walking and you will see not just Thai but Russian, African American, French and Burmese you name it you might be able to find it along Soi 4. Lets not forget about the Ladyboys who have started cruising up and down the length of the Soi. I have noticed the security move the Ladyboys along if they decide to stop anywhere near the entrance to Nana Plaza too long.

How do you find a decent freelancer? I have found if you stand nearby just taking in the sights of Soi 4 then more than likely they will ask ‘I go with you?’. I just say ‘not tonight’. Then a few minutes later I will strike up a conversation and if they just ignore you then they’re a Dud. You got lucky not being a sucker and just going with anyone. That's their job!! If they respond like a normal human then you’re on a winner. More than likely she will be a bit of fun, one can only hope.

Bada Bing Patpong

Bada Bing Patpong Soi 2 - GoGo Dancers

Patpong was surprisingly busy on Tuesday night. The live bands were back in action which does help with the whole atmosphere of Patpong 1. Looking at the gogo bars Kings Corner was the busiest followed by both Kings Castle Bars. The Safari Bar does interest me when I walk by as there have been on occasions a couple of attractive women out front (30's). Pity they don’t open their curtain when someone looks over. There is nothing worse than walking into an empty bar.

Now to Patpong 2 were it’s all about Bada Bing. If you can’t find a woman that takes your fancy at Bada Bing then there is something wrong with you!! On any given night there is always more than a few gogo dancers that take my interest. Hit Bada Bing on a Friday or a Saturday night and you defiantly will have a lot of fun.

Ok time to throw people a bone again and list the best bars/locations this time within Patpong Soi 2 …. In order.





Stick to these 4 and you should have a decent night out. Don't be shy in Foodland, just start chatting and you never know where it will take you.

There are a few beer bars up near The Pink Panther but now you are dealing with bargirls. If you do spot someone that looks like would be a bit of fun then you might as well head on over for a drink and watch some football. Why else would you go to a beer bar? Not male companionship FFS.

Soi Cowboy was all lit up this Thursday night and busy. Walking in via the Baccara end of the Soi I found the atmosphere to be subdued it wasn’t until I hit Cowboy 2 and the Lighthouse that the buzz of the Soi was back and with the outside bars all in operation it’s time to have some fun again within Soi Cowboy.

The live bands are also back in full swing with the Corner Bar being the most lively. Tuesday night they had a male and female lead singers, they really can belt out a good version of ‘Highway to Hell’.

So what was wrong with the top of the Soi? As I said it was busy. Sahara didn’t have their customary numbers of dancers out front which does take a lot away from that section of the Soi. Next up is The Dollhouse,which regular readers know I’m a big fan, they didn’t have any gogo dancers dancing out front and with no music being played outside meant you just knew something was missing within this section of Soi Cowboy, and finally there were no Spice Girls dancers to gawk at. I guess they were all busy inside …. What a bummer.

Jungle Jim's was busy. HA HA (In joke). If you have missed going a bit wild with the bargirls over the last month, then just head on into the Toy Bar or Jungle Jim’s and get your freak on …. Hands-on Bars.

Strikers Sports PubA walk along Soi 4 Nana and all the beer bars are back into full swing with the music belting out. F…me the bargirls in the K&S Bar are rowdy!! To the first time visitors they might find this awesome but when you have been here a while it does get boring. These bargirls are in full work mode… hardened.

I did get a surprise when hanging out with the freelancers standing opposite to the entrance of Nana Plaza. I wondered into the Nana Hotel carpark and saw the new Strikers Sport Pub sign all lit up. Still under construction it will be interesting to see if they keep the same format with the pool tables.

Strikers Sport Pub is where I spent most my time on my first trip to Bangkok. I have many a fond memory playing pool with some very hot women and beating them therefore they were paying for the 20฿ per game :). Customers not bargirls!!

Nana Plaza was busy on both Tuesday and Thursday nights. Billboard was all lit-up with their new signage which really is eye catching if you just happen to be on the top or the middle floor.

Nana PlazaAll you will want is to go in and have a look and once inside…you wont leave. The same goes for Bangkok Bunnies, other bars you can go in for a drink or two and then move onto the next but once you land at either of these two bars then the bar crawl is over.

Talking about a bar crawl I did hit Erotica gogo bar for a few drinks. Although not the busiest bar they do have more than a handful of gogo dancers that you would want to spend a bit of time with. Rainbow 3 was quiet but is one bar when they do get a crowed is well worth a look. I do like a bar with a bit of character and Rainbow 3 has that.

I took the picture at Nana Plaza between the Twister Bar and Temptations Ladyboy Bar. One of the ladyboys came over just to have a look at the pictures, talk about polite. The attitude of the ladyboys at Nana Plaza has been excellent lately, therefore no one should feel pressured when walking past any of the ladyboy bars at Nana Plaza.

It’s funny from the outside you can see ups going to happen at certain bars. You have certain bar managers a bit scared to take action when something isn’t right. Just let it fester, it'll be alright. If a dancer is dragging a bar down by being a prick or is now too old then get rid of them!!! Oh but they might take other gogo dancers with them…. Who gives a ….offer her a job as a waitress and if she wont have a bar of that then get rid of her. They’re doing more harm to the bar than good. So many customers walk up to a bar and have a quick look inside and it’s obvious that when they spot the almost 40 yr old gogo dancer they will move onto the next bar. The problem is if you do go in then you cant stop looking at them. Thinking ‘how the are they sill working? This bars sh.t, I’m out of here’. It’s all about making money at the end of the day for the bar owners.

It’s not being a prick. There is a natural progression where if you haven’t bagged yourself a husband then move onto the beer bars mid 30’s max. They would walk straight into another job at a beer bar. Why hang in there dancing next to 25yr old gogo dancers? … F..mee really how humiliating for them. In reality they’re the prick.