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Times Up

Walking around Bangkok's premiere nightlife areas you do bump into all sorts of characters. Some have made their living over the past 10 to 20 years working in the bar industry. Most are good but you do get a small number that are living so far in the past that it beggars belief that they can still get a job. I do think it’s more out of pity than job performance or track record. If you look at their current circumstances which usually resembles a train wreck….. Fail, Fail and why not throw in another failure for good measure.

There is one important lesson that I learnt whilst working as a Private Investigator and that is ‘you’re only as good as your last job’. not here in Bangkok all you need is to have had a bit of success 10-15 years earlier.  Never stop telling people about your triumph and you’ll get a job. These people are just so negative about progress within gogo bars and the only thing that will work is what worked in the past. Nah boring sh.t.

When I think back at what I thought were two of the worst bars within Nana Plaza 18 months ago. Spellbound and Billboard, both had a tired formats bored or tired aging staff with really no drive to make themselves better. I cringe thinking of the couple of nights I went into Spellbound. Billboard was just shock in seeing what to me appeared to be some over 40’s on the dance floor, of coarse there were only a handful of customers inside.

It has taken fresh blood to bring the resurgence of Billboard Agogo and the vision of bringing Bangkok Bunnies to reality putting Nana Plaza back on the map. In the process pushing Soi Cowboy for best Adult Entertainment location in Bangkok. This would have never happened if one of the merry-go-round managers had taken over at any of these bars. I’d say Spellbound would still be alive and kicking unchanged therefore Bangkok Bunnies would never had existed and Billboard would have been closed just like Bubbles.

Even talking about Pattaya their opinions are so out of date. If you listen to these guys no human would ever go to Pattaya as it’s dirty, run down, the beach is a mess, violence is rampant, the gogo bars are sh.t…. Blah… Blah…. Blah.

They could’ve been talking about the moon because they defiantly aren't talking about Pattaya 2016. Most these guys haven't been to Pattaya for 2-4 years yet they have such strong opinions of the place. 4 years  FFS, well obviously a lot has changed.

The future is bleak for most of these guys with no planning or thought for their later years. I’m sure they will drag a few of their mates down borrowing what they can’t pay back especially when their appeal in the bar industry disappears. Times-up for some. It’s an easy fix just move with times and learn from the new guys in the industry. They have brought fresh ideas that actually work. Do us all a favor and stop living in the past.

It’s not just individuals but certain beer bars need to move with times. Something that has irked me for a long time is beer bars that put a quota system on the amount of lady drinks a bargirl has to have in any given month. What for? Owe right, it’s so they can fine the women at the end of the month. The bargirls call these beer bars, BAD!! At one beer bar recently I noticed a couple of bargirls weren't their usually selves, so with a bit of digging they opened up about how bad the bar is. They both hadn't met their quota of drinks. Their normal pay was 6000฿ a month but with failing to meet their quota of lady drinks they only received around 4000฿.

These bars even put quotas on the amount of times they get barfined. Times are a changing this is one practice that I feel should be abolished. The women aren't stupid! They know if they want to make a decent living for themselves and their family's then they will go with customers. If there is no quota system in place they more than likely will be a bit more picky with who they go with, and yes they will still get barfined. At least now they wont have to go with some drunken sloth (this is what freelancers are for) just because they wont get their full pay at the end of the month. Its like any job if you aren’t pulling your weight then you can be let go at anytime.