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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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Thai Food 2

Here I was just happily cruising along Soi Cowboy when I spotted some pretty decent Thai food. The closer I got the more obvious that this wasn't just any Thai food but the best. One problem was that I had already eaten earlier but once I got a good look at what was on offer my hunger was back … I was already imagining doing her in multiple positions. Doggie would be awesome but if you let her get on top I’d guess it would be fairly hard holding onto a load … Just look at those breasts!

Lets dream and hope those breasts real. The woman on the left isn’t too shabby either and would be a good partner in a tag team match. Okay this is Bangkok and dreams like this can come true. If you have got the cash of course and for some reason I would say that these two will be expensive. Breast that good don’t come cheap not to mention the rest of the work she has had done.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Who’s Hungry For Some Thai Food!?

I took this picture not long after midnight on Saturday night and it’s feeding time for these women. No matter how hot they are once I know they have a belly full of grub it’s a waste of money paying the barfine. They will know the ropes and the chances are slim to none that they will get barfined later tonight. These two will be at the high end of the barfine range. From the Tilac Bar you are looking at around 3000 Baht for women at this level and lets be honest you’d have to be crazy paying that price.

Talking of crazy … Crazy House Bangkok that is. A group of ten dancers were hoeing into large prawns when out front on a break. The smell of prawns would have been in the air once they get back up on the dance floor. A few customers in the end might be wondering where the smell is coming from. Prawns are definitely a bad selection of a meal for any gogo dancer. Here’s is some random crap! I was talking with a woman this week who just happens to frequent gogo bars. She say’s she can smell pussy when she walks into a bar. HA HA … I don’t!

It’s not all doom and gloom of gogo dancers having a full stomach where ever you go. You will notice at closing time a lot of dancers seated having a Noodle Soup at the Sahara & Midnite Gogo Bars. These woman mustn’t be eating during their shift even if the can’t be barfined. A full stomach isn’t a good look on stage.

It’s a bit of an epidemic at certain bars within within Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. I don’t see it at Patpong or they just have it well hidden. Once I think about it I don’t see it to often at the beer bars along Soi 4 which makes this appear to be more of a gogo dancer fad. Sure you will see a bargirl having a feed but it’s usually with a customer or their new boyfriend for the night.

Gogo dancers should eat only at certain times as this isn’t a profession were you should have a full stomach when working. I’m talking the prime time hours when they are more likely to draw attention from guys after a women for the night. Don’t Eat!

I didn’t go to Patpong as I was out of Thailand for a few days this week. The days I was at the bars were spent mainly within one of the Soi's along Sukhumvit Road. I was hanging out with bargirls for the continuation of the Bargirls Series. Therefore this will be short but sweet.

I headed out to Nana Plaza midweek and found the bars to be quieter than usual. It was good to see the escalator back in working order which makes the trip up to the bars on the middle floor all that more easy. Diamonds Bangkok was in full swing with a good crowd inside. There are a handful of attractive gogo dancers that aren’t shy at all about getting on your lap and taking you for a spin. The dancer that got on my lap had her hands in free roam mode. I had to make sure no one was watching as this chick wasn’t shy doing what every she wanted … Cool!

Spanky’s looked busy enough. I do refrain from going inside unless I have the desire to hangout with one of the dancers. It ain't too much fun for me just watching chicks dance. Saying that Spanky’s is an excellent bar for tourists as the size of the bar gives off a good atmosphere since they are mostly busy. The dancers are also a lot of fun if you show them any attention.

Bangkok Bunnies outside bar made Nana Plaza looked busier than it really was as the Nana Beer Garden was void of customers. Bangkok Bunnies is an excellent bar if you are planning on barfining a gogo dancer. If you take your time and choose correctly then you should be in for a wild night. I’ve got to say though that I’m not a fan of a few of the bargirls within the outside bar at Bangkok Bunnies. I do see some sour faces when I look in their direction which is the last thing you want to see when you’re a customer. There are plenty of beer bars that would be more than happy taking on a sour faced bargirl … Any snatch will do!

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

Upstairs @ The Dollhouse Agogo

Soi Cowboy was lively midweek. Hit a bar like The Dollhouse and you will be in for a good night out. If you’re into watching sports then head-on upstairs. You can see by the image above that there is no distractions. Just sit back and watch some golf … Yeah Right!

Several bars had plenty of dancers out front that looked ready for some action and not just standing around. The women at Lucky Star want it. The Cactus Bar was a surprise having so many gogo dancers out front. Suzie Wong’s finally have their dancers coming out front when they are on a break. Now you can see what is on offer.

Next door at Jungle Jim’s their outside bar was almost deserted which only means onething … They are busy inside! Just remember when Jungle Jim’s is busy like this don’t head to the far end of the bar as there may be some prick getting his head ripped off. How anyone can drop a load within a bar like that is beyond me. Barfine her and her stupid or let her you stupid whichever … Please!