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She's Got Balls!

Wednesday night whilst at Soi Cowboy when standing near Fanny’s Bar I spotted the Midnite gogo dancers who from distance looked might fine. My attention was on the dancer in the center who looked so good as she spilled out into the Soi. It wasn’t until later that night once the image was cropped that I could see that there was no meat to the right breast on the side. That's when I thought is that a ladyboy? Considering I had seen her walk out front looking all woman and for me the pick of the litter. Well this is going to the dogs if she ends up being a ladyboy. Legs for me are a big giveaway for any ladyboy and hers appears female as does her hair. I know for a fact that the three other dancers standing in the image are females therefore I was leaning towards her being a woman with really small breasts. Ladyboys that work within a bar would normally have breasts implants or take hormones to produce breasts. I haven’t come across a titless ladyboy … That would just be a dude in a skirt!

Midnite Gogo Bar Dancers

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

I did show the image a couple of males who were both on the side that it was female in the picture. It wasn’t until I showed the image to a Thai woman and she instantly said ‘That’s a Ladyboy!’ Okay game over. Thai women can spot a ladyboy a mile away. Now that I’m confident that she is a ladyboy I’ll still need a bit of luck to confirm it as fact. How far do I have to go? Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the ocean there has been a change in the rules. It’s their game therefore they can make change as they see fit. At Soi Cowboy over the past couple of years it has been easy spotting a ladyboy within a bar … Black Dress. The Cockatoo Bar is where you found the bikini glad ladyboys where most still have their block and tackle tucked away who knows where? Therefore even in a pissed state there really was no excuse for ending up with a ladyboy … Yeah you wanted it! Now care needs to be taken especially if you’re prone to get pissed. Don’t just jumped blindly into barfining someone when you know that there are ladyboys in the mix.

I headed back to Soi Cowboy on a mission and went right into the pack of Midnite gogo dancers. As luck would have it Blondie who is getting less blonde every time I see her headed straight over for a chat. (She has been talked about in previous columns). I must admit being turned on just talking to her whilst standing in the Soi. Memories are a bitch when you don’t want any action.

After several minutes chatting she had to go back in and dance. Well out came the star of the show with five other gogo dancers. One was definitely a ladyboy. I have prime position here after talking to blondie. To all the other women out front I’m more than welcome to stand amongst them. Now to business. As she walked out I stared at her groin trying to see anything that doesn't look right. If you stare at a gogo dancer like this then she will more than likely laugh in your direction or come over. Not her, she got shy and put her hand in front of her groin. I must admit when standing three feet away she look pretty f.cken sh.t hot … All woman. Her padding in the bra was setup right. It was only the covering of the groin that was a bit of a red flag.

Walking towards the Midnite Bar are a group of Japanese guys and the dancer that is a ladyboy talks in their direction in such a fake girly voice. That must be such a turnoff for anyone that is into ladyboys. Well out of nowhere the star of the show starts calling out to these guys in a full dudes voice. me if she never talked you’d find it hard knowing she was a ladyboy until it was too late … She’s got balls!

If you want to get your freak on then have a look at the sh.t you can buy at the street stalls along Sukhumvit Road. Dildos, dildos with balls so the chicks can get more drive into their jamming, strap on’s which look so cool when one woman is doing another, hand held snatches … that’s freaky, penis enlargers, jelly's, tablets, condoms you name it they’ve got it. The image below was taken just as you head up the escalator to the Nana BTS heading towards Soi Cowboy.

Street Stall Bangkok

Sex Toys Stall, Sukhumvit Road.

Over the past couple of weeks I have built a bit of a demographic of who are the main customers for sex toys. Most have been couples in their 40’s to 50’s followed by women in their 30’s (Western). If it’s just a guy by themselves then they are over 40 and looking at the jelly's and tablets. You would think if a hot 20 something gogo dancer can’t get them going then no amount of tablets will help.

The African freelancer numbers are down on a few months ago. You will still encounter some though as you walk around the Sukhumvit area. They appear always on the move since if they stop too long the they will more than likely get picked up by the Police. When they pass they will more than likely rub your arm just to see if you are interested.

For the rest of the freelancer the numbers are up as you stroll along Sukhumvit Road and Nana Soi 4. Once you pass the Nana Hotel you will notice plenty of freelancers sitting on their motor bikes staring at their phone. Just stop nearby if you are interested as they will lift their head soon enough. Before you know it you could be back at your room getting a sweat up. Do us all a favor and only agree on a price around 1000 Baht Max! Continue walking and you will find a couple of Arab freelancers. If they aren’t there then more likely than not they are busy. I’ve noticed on more than one occasion one of them exiting Soi 4 at speed with a lucky guy on tow … Time is Money!