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Pattaya 2018

A trip to Pattaya has been on the cards for months and I mean many months. For various reasons it just never materialized. A round trip by bus costs 218 Baht to and from the Ekkamai Bus Terminal. Last time I was here Pattaya was teaming with Korean and Chinese tourists. This time the Russians make a big presence as do the Indians. The Japanese are also here in numbers and not just with males. For anyone that hasn’t been to Walking Street in Pattaya then you should be aware that there is a constant stream of tourist coming from the pier end of Walking Street. Now you would think it would sink into the psyche of some people that since they are being photographed constantly by tourists, they would just go with the flow. The Skyfall dancers out front of their bar are beyond belief. I stood there in amazement watching them constantly covering their faces whenever they see a camera. You’d have a group of tourist walking down in an organized tour and there are the Skyfall Dancers covering their faces. It all looks too stupid and makes no sense at all. Don’t they get it that they are a tourist attraction? Whenever they aren’t covering their faces someone somewhere is taking their picture. Talk about a turnoff for tourists. What I noticed was that most people have resigned correctly that this is a tourist destination and tourists take pictures!

Walking Street Pattaya

European Women | Walking Street Pattaya

I had three no-photos in my direction. One was in Soi 6 from a loudmouthed bargirl. The second I just thought “this is retarded.” It was still daylight and the bars hadn’t opened along Walking Street. I had taken a few pictures out front some of the bars since they look so different during the day. As I lifted the camera to take a snap of a not open yet Fahrenheit bar. The guy out front taking down balloons tells me no photo not just once but twice since I still took the photo … Too Mental!

Now to banging. Try a bit of this, try a bit of that. Bang a Russian Chick on Wednesday then bag a Thai Chick on Thursday. I bet you will spot a difference. Get the Thai chick on top and she will excel. You want to get dirty then go European …! Unfortunately some events need a bit of time to pass before being written about. That’s the end of the banging section.

When I first arrived I walked along Beach Road past the main beer bars … I was in shock as I looked at the patrons inside. They looked screwed like dried up alcoholics with miserable looks on their faces. All I was thinking is “these people look fucked!” I then turned my attention to the bargirls inside and most were in the unfuckable bracket. There is no way that anyone in their right mind is going to buy a ticket to Thailand and plan to sit at a beer bar with these women. Reality is these guys look so knackered therefore this is where they belong. They know it since only a few bars either side there are some decent looking bargirls. I don’t want to be too critical of the bargirls as I did have a chat to one as she reached out as I tripped on the sidewalk. She was good to have a chat with, it’s just that I wouldn’t her … No Way!

LK Metro Pattaya

Entrance/Exit to LK Metro via Soi Buakhao

I found LK Metro to be surprisingly busy on Friday night. All the beer bars were doing well plus there was a real buzz in the air. The crowed is definitely older than what I saw at Walking Street. I’d guess this is why the beer bars are doing so well. There are some big named bars at LK-Metro especially if you follow the bar scene on Facebook. Namely Paradise Agogo, Touch, Sugar Sugar, Office Agogo to name a few. The only reasons I go into a gogo bar is to either review the bar or I’m in the mood to having a gogo dancer grinding her groin on my lap. Sadly I’m all tapped out from the previous couple of nights and frankly I wasn’t in the mood to negotiate their advances within the bars. Therefore it was time to hang at a beer bar and more importantly a bargirl!

Oh they can be dirty bitches. This chick pushed all the right buttons when it came to a personality. Our conversation centered around “would she that guy or that guy?” I’m talking the most geriatric looking males that would walk-by. After about 10 min's I realized that she would bang anyone. I was telling her how I wouldn’t touch most of the bargirls along Beach Road. She just replied “but you not get paid!” HA HA which is true but there would still be boundaries. Most bargirls and gogo dancers do have their limits but this bargirl tonight seems to have none. Bonus!

My trip to Pattaya Soi 6 was weird as I walked through when it was still daylight. I was taking some video but unfortunately had to stop start constantly due to vehicles passing through. I don’t know if I just got unlucky but you’d think it would be closed off like Soi Cowboy when the bars are open. Soi 6 has plenty of bars and a shit load of females working inside. I exited to the right and took the lane way that heads back down to Beach Road. I won’t do that again as this is where several ladyboys hangout. A couple of pretty big looking dudes that have had the works. One ladyboy was getting changed. She had her large silicon breasts that had a bit of tape over each nipple on show for all to see. She said I could take a picture for a 100 Baht HA HA. Nah I'm out of here. I ended up back at Soi 6 later in the night and found it not as busy as I would have expected. There appeared to be a few more women than customers. This is a good thing if you are experienced enough to be able to fend everyone off who you don’t want to buy a drink. I watched on as one poor guy who had already bought drinks for two women as another dancer came over. She put on the charm for a drink … This guy just can’t say “No!” Lets be honest he isn’t going to bang all three. Just buy a drink with who you intend to spend the night with. If it’s all three then go for it.

One of Three Pattaya Videos

I’m a big fan of Pattaya for the food. The seafood is very good obviously since Pattaya is a beach city. The Chinese Food tastes as if you are in Melbourne therefore it is always my first meal when I’m in town. You will see more than a few Thais having a picnic by the beach before dusk. That brings me to Freelancers. I watched on as a Freelancer in her early 20’s that had had enough of holding her baby (around a year old). She quickly gave the baby to her mother so she could get her makeup on. She screamed out “MA!” To get her mothers attention. Her father was sitting cross legged as he ate. Really how can the parents hack seeing their daughter getting ready for a night of hooking? There she is applying makeup as they sit back and eat. When you take a step back and looked on. Her parents appeared as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Just after midnight as I was heading back to my Hotel I spotted her parents crossing Beach Rd with more food and carrying the child who is wide awake. The Freelancer came running up to give her baby a big hug. She looked pretty fresh since she appeared to have just showered. Happy Times!

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