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I find it hard to believe that some people worry that they are going to get asked the dreaded question when going for a foot massage. Lets go for layman's terms “Do you want to drop a load?” You’re not going to get asked when seated within a massage shop amongst male and female tourists whilst getting a foot massage. Walk in and get a full bodied Thai Massage then now we are talking. These chicks are masters at the subtle but affective arousals techniques. Just strip naked then let the fun begin. You can wrap a towel around yourself if you’re shy. They have seen it all before therefore don’t be shy and just relax. It’s not until you rollover that the pressure mounts.

First she will massage your back, legs and neck. I usually nearly fall asleep at this stage until it's time to rollover. As long as you're limp she wont say anything in regard to extras. Now the pressure will start as you can see her squatted whilst she is massaging your legs to the top of your thighs. Every now and then her hand will brush against your balls. The view of her breasts as she leans forward makes the whole experience hard not to have any sort of movement.

Nana Soi 4  Bangkok

Massage Workers | Nana Soi 4

As she moves up higher you will notice that her groin which has been resting on your shin is now on your thigh. It becomes almost impossible to stop any growth. You do want them to rest their groin on your shin that way you will know they are a woman and not have a set of balls tucked inside. If she spots movement then she will ask ... Do you want to cum? … Drop a load? Whatever you want to call it. It will only be a hand job but your brain wants to pound her which means you will more than likely be disappointed with the end result.

Before you say yes make sure you agree on a price which for me will kill the mood. My answer is always “No!”. Nothing beats actually banging a woman therefore that. If you can’t say “No” then don't pay anymore than 500 Baht (They will want a 1000) on top of your massage fee …  It will only take her 5 min's to make you explode!

If you’re after a decent massage with the works then you do have plenty of options. Mango Massage located in Sukhumvit Soi 24 is good option. For just over 2000 Baht you can have 90 min's of relaxation. Take it easy for the first 45 min’s whilst the woman that you get to choose gives you a full body massage. She’ll shower you beforehand therefore don’t be shy. This time when you roll over halfway through the massage if you’re turned then just let your hot rod grow. If you have chosen correctly or have got lucky she will get turned on as well. Yeah! Let the party begin as you should be able to get a good 40 min's of banging in multiple positions. Let your imagination run wild!

Search the Internet before you hit Bangkok and you will find plenty of Massage Parlors that have this sort of service. Another option is getting an escort to visit your room. Check out Smoochi as they have some very attractive women on call. You are just wasting your time and money using the smaller massage shops just getting a hand job. They call that a happy ending … No F.cking Way!

I was in Patpong midweek to check a newly opened bar the Shark Bar located within Soi 1. Just hit the link and read the review. Zero customers at nearly 11 pm means you have nothing to offer. King’s Castle 2 for me was the place to be as these chicks are more than happy to get on your lap and have a good time. If you don’t ask then you miss out … Ask!

Another good spot to hang out is the King’s Club which is located opposite King’s Corner 2. The bargirls here aren’t as hardened as you will find at other bars. You definitely can have a good time. The Thigh Bar is where you want to go if your plan for the night is to be a bit more hands-on. Here you can let loose especially if you choose where to sit correctly. Do yourself a favor and don’t just choose anyone. Wait and observe as you wont be sorry when you make the right choice. If she digs you then get her over … On your lap!

Crazy Cat Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Crazy Cat Ladyboys | Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy was a bit quiet for a Thursday Night. For those people that don’t know is that the Five Star Bar have Ladyboys in the outside bar. With a change of ownership the ladyboys that were present with the previous owner had disappeared. This made you think the bar would now be all women. I first noticed a ladyboy out front about 2 weeks after they reopened. Most of the ladyboys from the old Five Star Bar can now be found at Crazy Cat only a few bars away but on the opposite side of Soi Cowboy. The above image was snapped from video that will be shown soon on this websites YouTube Channel > Subscribe Here < to see up-to-date videos of Bangkok's Nightlife.

Nana Plaza was busy enough this week as was the whole of Soi 4. Playskool is closed as works are underway renovating the bar. I do expect Playskool to liven up that side of the ground floor of Nana Plaza. The dancers at Butterflies Gogo Bar looked pretty damn fine in their white bikini’s. You can see some images on their review page. Billboard was the busiest bar followed by the Twister Bar and Bangkok Bunnies who have really added to the atmosphere of Nana Plaza by having the gogo dancers dancing outside … Sh.t Hot!