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Little Effort

There are a few gogo bars out there that I wonder how do they survive? With little effort to attract customers they’re just an entity that exists. When I first started to explore Soi Cowboy I would have put Rawhide and Lone Star gogo bars in this basket. The only reason I ever went in to these bars is because of this website. What a shock finding two very good and lively gogo bars. Only people in the know would have headed inside. Three years on and both bars have dancers out front, now they are noticed by everyone.

I can remember reviewing what I thought to be my last bar within Soi Cowboy thinking ‘I’m glad that's over with’. A few weeks later whilst I was hanging out at the Toy Bar that I noticed a raggedy old large umbrella next door. With closer inspection it was hiding a small bar… FFS… The Cactus Bar. Heading inside I was shocked to see 5 naked dancers on stage albeit not the hottest chicks in Soi Cowboy but hey they were naked!! The Cactus Bar has a unique feel and can surprise when you walk in….. there are people inside, I always expect no one.

Now In 2016 the old umbrella is gone and has been replaced by a new one, that’s it. You could walk up and down Soi Cowboy or even stop out front the Cactus Bar and you wont even notice this place. Your eyes will be wondering back at the Toy Bar, Lone Star, Crazy Cat and the Déjà Vu dancers and that's only looking back!! Looking forward you’re just as screwed as now you are looking at the Kiss, Cowboy 2, and the Lighthouse dancers. Why would anyone even think of blocking all that view out to stop and look at the front of a small bar with an umbrella?

I should mention that I’m a fan of the Cactus Bar. I like the older style of the bar plus on most occasions the music has been to my liking. Now the question has to be asked why doesn’t the Cactus Bar hire a couple of Coyote dancers to stand out front? It will put the Cactus Bar on the map for the herds of tourists passing by. Now the bar will be noticed and the added clientele would pay for the cost of the Coyote. More than a few people like the smaller bars and what the Cactus Bar has over all the other small bars within Soi Cowboy is naked dancers.

I hit the Cactus Bar on Thursday night and to be honest I was still expecting no one inside. What I found was a good atmosphere for a small bar with 7-8 customers inside. Three of them were being entertained by a dancer each who are wearing just a g-string. There are 5 dancers on stage all naked. None of the gogo dancers will light-up a dance floor but who cares I’ll say it again, they're naked. If you’re an ass man then take a seat on the LHS as these chicks don't face the other way. I don’t know why? Here you will find dancers over 30 yrs, some with bumps on bumps to a couple of very hot 30 year olds that I’m sure if you where planning on a all nighter between the sheets then these chicks wouldn’t disappoint. They have that look about them. One in particular if you knew she was in the mood then it will be a night you wont forget in a long time.

I enjoyed my brief time inside the Cactus Bar and for a moment there I was in seventh heaven with AC/DC’s Hells Bells blasting out of the speakers. I didn’t even care the chick in front of me had a flat arse, at least she shaved.

I’d go as far to say that 95% of people walking past the Cactus Bar wouldn't even bat an eye lid in the bars direction. That's a lot of potential customers passing by. Looking at the clientele they all looked like expats. It’s the people in the know that will go to the Cactus Bar. This is one bar that with just a bit of effort could increase their market share considerably.

Another bar in the same mould is the Safari Bar at Patpong, although not to the extent of the Cactus Bar. Once you enter you will be surprised to see a well maintained older style bar. This is another bar I have had a bit of fun inside but again here they have made little effort to attract the tourists to come inside. You may want to stick your head in since the front is well lit and has had a fresh coat of paint, that's it. The women of the Safari Bar are of older variety 35+ compared to the Thigh Bar next door 20+ (or should I say 25-) who have their curtain open for every man and their dog to see some fairly attractive gogo dancers on stage. Just by hiring a couple of attractive 30yr old hostesses and have them stand out front, I'm sure they will pay for themselves over time.