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The Knuckle

I felt so ratshit with a dreaded cold last Saturday that nothing was going to tempt me from leaving my home. Nothing except a Nanapong Dance Contest that is. This time around it was The Dollhouse at Soi Cowboys turn to host the event. I’ve given a blow by blow description of Nanapong previously therefore if you have read that you will have a fair idea at what goes on. If you haven’t read it and would like to then you can read it in Bangkok Bars Volume 1. It’s all a learning experience when attending a Nanapong Dance Contest. Here's what I learned this time. We all know what fisting is. Most people would have seen footage of a woman with her hand/fist all the way to the wrist inside another woman's vagina. It might have been wrong to write snatch or gash this time.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy on a Saturday Night

I have actually tried this a few times but got stopped at the thumb. I’d guess that once it goes in you’d clench your fist. Why else call it fisting? Anyway there were a couple of tall dancers from Club Electric Blue in Patpong that really did dig each other. I had a great view as one of the women stood up and cracked herself open by doing a sideways split. One leg is resting 6ft up one of the chrome poles. The other leg is planted on the ground when she leans forward. Got the picture? Oh yeah and she’s naked. I’m looking straight up the barrel only a few feet away when the other chick tried to slice her in two. Four fingers of fun only being stopped by the thumb! In/out/in/out/in/out at a good rate of knots. I did see a couple of other women try fisting but they to were thwarted by the thumb. Even when tucking the thumb in. It’s the knuckle that prevents entry.

Smooci Escort ServiceOnething that always disturbs me. Is when I see an average sized Thai woman squatting on a giant dildo that is at least 4 inches thick. I just look and think well I could never her … What for? Yeah drop a load but, I could never satisfy her. No f.ckers got a dick that thick. I also thought well if she can sit on that then you’d think she could take a hand. It all goes back that knuckle. The dildo doesn’t have one.

I also learned that chicks don’t mind being banged with a bottle of Chang! Some woman can squat on a can of Coke … slowly HA HA. I’d say it goes in a max 2 inches. There's no in/out/in/out it’s just a slow squat. Looked good. I’m not going to go through a blow for blow description of a Nanapong. Damn I’m holding way back here it’s best to go and experience one for yourself.

Soi Cowboy was busy on Saturday Night (10 Feb) with The Dollhouse being the busiest bar by far. Whilst on a break a couple of the bargirls from Jungle Jim’s called me over. It was like 20 questions. What’s going on over there? Are they f.cking? Are you f.cking? HA HA really these women have no idea at what is going on. Why you wear raincoat? HA HA. In reality it’s so I don’t get pissed on. The general line is so I don’t get cream or chocolate sauce on my clothes. They didn't buy that … “Nah they’re f.cking you!” I headed back at this point. Their imagination is running wild.

The winner was Nana from The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy and deservedly so. The dancer who finished third for me was the trooper of the night. I intend to write more of her in Vol 3 of the book series. Everything was wrapped up by 1 am as Soi Cowboy was shutdown early by the authority's.

You do have some added side affects sitting through a Nanapong Dance Contest. The last couple of bangs have been awesome. It must affect the subconscious as you do go a bit wild. At least I do anyway … The women love it!

Here’s a couple of recent uploads to YouTube. Playskool Nana Plaza & Saturday Night at Soi Cowboy.

I find this also disturbing. On more than one occasion this week I have noticed guys who have just barfined a woman at Soi Cowboy stop and buy Viagra type tablets in Soi 23. HA HA. These f.ckers are only in their 40’s. Really I don’t want to know about someone popping a pill to bang a chick. If you can’t do it with a women that you have just met then you’d better check your lifestyle. Your juices should be flowing naturally. Why else barfine someone?

Nana Plaza Roof Construction

Nana Plaza Construction 2018

The bars at Nana Plaza are in for a real boost as the long awaited roof is becoming a reality. It must be affecting business for the bars on the ground floor whilst construction continues. Going forward it will all have been worth it. The Nana Beer Garden has been taken away. Lets hope for good as for me it was just an eyesore. Therefore if it is put back I hope they modernize the look. If not then It! Don’t put it back.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

The Nana Plaza Roof is Becoming a Reality

This really is exciting times for Nana Plaza as a whole. The increase in atmosphere will be such a positive. This alone could push Nana Plaza to the top of the pile when it comes to an Adult Entertainment Destination for tourists. Lets See!