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It’s amazing how impotent so many people are when it comes to dealing with women or even the ability to hold a conversation with anyone. Here you can go into many a bar and have all the attention you need just by letting loose a little. Most are missing out and there is really no need to talk. The main demographic is the English. More than a few English expats might not realize that most people from another land couldn’t give a sh.t about their football. Your skin can crawl at a couple of bars within Soi Cowboy “Did you hear Huddersfield beat Liverpool 2-0?” Who gives a sh.t when you’re cruising Soi Cowboy busting for a Don’t get me started on them calling a truck a Lorry! … HA HA. It’s a f.cking Truck!

Shouldn't it all be about the women? If you like this sort of stuff then hit the expat bars which are easy to spot since the guys just ignore all that is on offer within Soi Cowboy. You will get all the man on man action that you desire. A few weeks ago I just happened to be sitting within the Shadow Bar watching the action at Suzie Wongs and Jungle Jim’s opposite. Being a man on man bar I had a guy from England come over and ask could he join me at my table… HA HA  … I’m not used to this shit. The table next to mine had your typical English tourist/expat sitting with his back to where all the women are. He’s watching the football on TV. Well me Southampton scored and this guys get’s the loud slow hand clap going whilst looking around the bar for anyone who is following the other team. I just looked at him and with my Australian accent I just let him know … I couldn't give a Shi.t!

Jungle Jims Bangkok

Jungle Jim’s | Soi Cowboy

Luckily the guy next to me didn’t care about the football as well. So where you from? How long you been here? As if I want this. Being polite I do have a decent conversation since this guy is semi interesting. He has just flown in from Melbourne and is on a 2 day stopover in Bangkok before flying to Birmingham (England). It turned out he wanted to sit where I was since it had the best view of the women opposite. He’s normal or so it appears.

This guy is in his mid 30’s therefore I would guess he wont be shy around women. I asked him if he was after a woman for the night? He wanted company at a bar and just hang with one of the bargirls. He didn’t want to take them back to his Hotel room for sex. It’s strange that he stopped at the Shadow Bar as it would be obvious to most people that there isn’t any male on female action going on inside. I let him know about Jungle Jim’s opposite that you can just go inside buy one of the women a drink and hold them close. He looked at me in disbelief. I do find it hard to believe that there are more than a few people that haven’t got it in their head that what is on offer here.

I ran through a few of my glory nights at the Toy Bar … HA HA. He’s is actually looking at me a bit scared. That’s the best way to describe it. I pointed at one of the women over at Jungle Jim’s. “See her you can have here spread over one of the bench seats having the time of your life”. Just keep the drinks flowing. Fear, Fear Fear has set in as I give her a wave. He says “don’t call her over” … me why so scared? He went quiet for about a minute then asked. “What do you talk to them about?” Talk!!! That’s the furthest thing on your mind when you have only 2 days in Bangkok.

I just said when you bring them in close just tell them what a nice butt they have. As you grab it of course. Then when you’re sucking on her tits, which you’d better be by the second drink. If they have small nipples then tell them you’re into small nipples. If they have big nipples tell them you are into big nipples and hang sh.t on the small. They love that sh.t. He can’t talk … It’s all too much for him. He shouldn't have asked!

I paid my bill and told him I’m off to Jungle Jim’s since I had been pointing at the bargirls. I might as well give them some action. All he said in fear was “don’t send any of the women over here”. HA HA as if you can send a woman over like a pizza. I’m guessing this is why the expat bars have a bunch of like minded people inside. They don’t know how to hang with women and have a genuine fear of how to communicate with someone of the opposite sex. Even though pay to play is on offer. Obviously there are plenty of English guys that know what’s on offer and know how to have a good time. You just wont find them at expat bars.

Playskool Nana Plaza.

Playskool located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza.

At Nana Plaza, Playskool is open again after some major works to the outside bar. The work is still ongoing during the day. As the sign says “REAL LADIES ONLY” so head on in for a good time. Playskool has several dancers that are well worth barfining if that is your plan for the night. Don’t waste time! Get in early and take one of them for a spin. Hit Khao San Road or Soi Rambuttri and have a sh.t hot night out.

This past week I spent sometime within Soi Rambuttri which is only a short walk from Khao San Road. The is an excellent spot for tourist who are looking for something a bit different to the Nightlife areas that I mainly talk about. You can see a walk through on this Websites YouTube Channel.

I headed to Soi Cowboy on Friday night and got stuck at the Rawhide GoGo Bar. The dancers have been fooling around with me for a few months now. The younger dancers are always keen to have their photo taken. I’m not into to the portrait or posed types of images therefore I don’t post them here. Oh and braces don’t do it for me. F… it here’s one below.

Rawhide Soi Cowboy

Rawhide GoGo Dancers | Soi Cowboy

The Crazy Cat Bar is the spot to go for any ladyboy lovers when at Soi Cowboy. Crazy Cat has a more relaxed feel to it than some of the other bars with ladyboys. They have definitely benefited from the changes at the Five Star Bar who in the end should have held onto the ladyboys that were already there.

At Patpong this week I spent sometime at the Thigh Bar. I had just stopped for a brief look inside. What I saw was some mighty fine specimens of women thinking “frig I can see it all”. That wasn’t going to sway me though as I hadn’t planned on going inside until the guy out front held up a sign that read “DRAUGHT BEER 60 Baht” … No f.cker can beat that! So in I went and had a good time with one of the dancers for all up 500 Baht. She had big nipples and got off on the fact that I was into them … A Win Win!