Halloween 2017

Being brought up in Australia I didn’t have much knowledge about Halloween except for what I saw in American movies. By the time my kids were at school it lasted until they were around 12. Then it was game over. It wasn’t until I spent a couple of years in the UK that I realized that adults participated in Halloween. It really was a bit of a WTF moment. Good luck to anyone who is into it. There is only one way I would every get into dressing up for Halloween and she would have to be Super Hot!

Here in Bangkok the gogo bars aren’t shy to jump onto any theme. Soi Cowboy was the place to be albeit a few bars had the same theme … Witches! By the time I had walked through Soi Cowboy I had spotted three bars where someone was wearing a witches hat. It wasn’t until I turned into Soi 23 and spotted half a dozen of the Crazy House dancers …..

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