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Bang A Granny

I am slightly lost for words when I look at the picture below. I know there are guys into older women but to be working as a gogo dancer is really pushing the reality button a bit too far. The last time I saw a gogo dancer this age was at the DC 10 Bar within Nana Plaza before they became a ladyboy bar. I thought I had walked into a set for the National Geographic at the time. The dancers were topless and their breasts were hanging halfway down their midriff because of their age and having been sucked dry. The people that were into the over 50’s gogo dancers are usually the over 40’s English tourist that like to hit the piss. These women can go round for round with these guys. I can remember when growing up in Australia where you would hear the term ‘look at that old scrubber’. They were usually aging women who liked to drink and they had legs just like hers. Lets be honest you dont get legs like that sucking on a protein shake.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Not a normal sight @ Soi Cowboy

I must admit to thinking it was just someone taking the piss or on a dare when I saw her walking down Soi Cowboy. Although I can’t confirm which bar she went into since I was heading over to hangout with one of the Spice Girls. I had no intentions in turning just to look at the granny’s rear end. I know that uniform and I’d say she is heading to the Moonshine Joint. The Moonshine Joint is a hands on bar where you will see some fairly wild happenings late at night. I can’t believe they are that short of staff. Being mid 50’s in Thailand there is a possibility that she could be a great grandma let alone a grandma … Do the Math.

Okay this parts going to a bit f.cked up. I have never been with a women over 40 therefore I just don’t know. I have been told by women who are usually in their 30’s that women dry up in their late 40’s. I know a guy here who is vicious about his ex-wife and she was 60 when he got divorced. I thought there was no way I would ever ask this question about someone's ex-wife but he hated her that much so I asked ‘do women still get wet over 50?’ And here is his answer ‘I don’t know’. HA HA me that was a waist of energy. For anyone who is curious then buy her a couple of drinks and remember it’s her job so she will be more than happy to oblige. I just can’t do it!

Google has all the answers! Yes women become dry as they enter menopause which is usually between 45 and 55 yrs. Therefore the Mean number is 50. The reason for the dryness is the blood vessels that are used for when they have a period also help with when they become aroused eg: Wet … Shit Hot! Since the period is in the process of stopping these blood vessels are no longer needed therefore dryness occurs. Nothing a tube of lube wouldn’t fix.

Since I have taken a bit of interest in the Jersey Pub of late and now with a tube of lube in my pocket I spotted a woman that use to work at Suzie Wongs within Soi Cowboy. She was at the end of her career four years ago and has now found where she belongs working as a bargirl at the Jersey Pub. It amazes me that some bars wont give their aging staff a gentle push in the right direction. There is one bar in Patpong that could be at the cross roads when it comes to aging gogo dancers. Although they do have the younger dancers coming through some dancers might be up for long service leave in the very near future. Hard decisions might need to be made sooner rather than later especially if they ever want to compete with Kings Castle 1 or 2. I’ll watch this bar implode in the coming years as I know these women are in for the long haul. They will more than likely just take this bar down as they age. Where’s the loyalty in that?

When I first came to Thailand I found it hard enough coming to terms seeing some of the aging Mamasan's working within a bar. I really did find it off putting as a customer. At that time I just stuck with the Soapy Massage and Massage Shops where you bang the women under 30 after the massage. Good times!

I had planned to hit the bars on Thursday night but the rain had set in therefore screw that. Friday night Patpong was the destination and the Club Electric Blue dancers were in the mood for a good time. This was the spot to be within Patpong Soi 2. Twilo/Bada Bing appears to be on a bit of a downward spiral with their aging dancers. The Strip was quiet whereas Black Pagoda had an okay crowd inside. The fun begins once you hit The Club and encounter their bargirls who are well worth hanging with. Once you find a good group of bargirls you can then let your guard down and have some real fun. Be very selective though.

I turned into Patpong 1 well lets be blunt … No bars within Patpong 2 can compete with the likes of Kings Castle 1 or 2. The gogo dancers are of a higher standard and by that I mean more down to earth and not hardened especially at Kings Castle 2. Both bars are well run and being Thai owned they cater for the Tourist better than Western owned bars within Soi 2 who just don’t understand how or why these two bars are so popular. It’s of no wonder why both Kings Castle 1 & 2 are packed tonight. Another cool bar is Kings Corner if you want to barfine one of the dancers. She will you back … They want it! None of this short time crap. All night long if you’re up for it.

Talking of banging. Superstars and the Thigh Bar both have several dancers that look like would really let loose between the sheets. At least at the Thigh Bar the dancers are up for a bit of action within the bar. Be smart … If she juices up then she is well worth paying the barfine.

Kings Castle 1 Patpong

Kings Castle 1 Gogo Dancer Heading Back Inside.

At Nana Plaza you’d think they’d fix the only escalator. Anyone with an knee injury is better of going to Soi Cowboy or Patpong since you won’t have the discomfort of climbing any stairs. Since I’m fit I headed up all the stairs to the top floor to check on Billboard and the Enter Bar. Billboard was its usual self. Packed and with an atmosphere. The Enter Bar was busy for a small bar and is well worth going inside. Rainbow 5 was back to normal with topless dancers on stage and a good crowd inside. I ignored everyone else as I’m being drawn to Soi Cowboy tonight.

Whilst walking to Soi Cowboy and as I neared Nana BTS there was a bit of a jam with tourist. There were two I’m guessing Russian women mid 20’s having a chat who looked super hot … Blonde hair fit and toned. One turned and looked me in the eye and at the same time grabbed my groin ever so softly then rubbed her hand up to my chest as she smiled and just kept on walking. me that was good. I was left a bit confused as I continued walking towards Soi Cowboy. What was all that about? In the long run who cares as I still had my wallet and mobile phone.

Soi Cowboy was lively this Friday night approaching midnight. I noticed more than a few larger dancers at DeJavu, Rawhide and the Kiss Bar. This for me is a positive since I can get a bit bored with the slim dancers. I thought the hottest was at Rawhide as this chick had a great set of tits that I just know are real. She is carrying at least 5 kg too much around her waist. She looked all woman.

Once I walked down Soi Cowboy I had plans to go into a couple of bars but this all changed when I decided to have a quick check of Soi 23 and do a walk past Crazy House. This is where I spotted a must bargirl standing out front of her bar. What's going on here as ever since I have mentioned how picky I am with bargirls. Now I run into women that you just got to spend sometime with. Mid 20’s fit and looks straight of the bus for her first stint as a bargirl. She will feature in the bargirl series so until then I wont mention which bar she works at. Let me break her in first or at least break her … Rule #1 Charge an extra 2000 Baht for any sign of a disability. Rule #2 Don’t fat guys!