Soi Cowboy Dancers

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Game Over

It’s easy to get labeled entering the bar industry here in Bangkok. I wouldn’t call the majority of bargirls or gogo dancers here hookers, that’s is just too extreme. Most are in it for the same reason, they have a family to support!! More than likely they have been left high and dry by some guy who impregnated them at a young age and they will be supporting other members of their family, mother, father, grandparents and lets not forget about the brothers. Therefore it would be rather cold labeling these women … Hookers!!

On the other hand the women who have a boyfriend it’s easy to label them. They are working for the wrong reason … Their pimp! I mean boyfriend. Who else? Most freelancers I would. The freelancers are out blatantly working the streets for all to see and with only one agenda. I recognize faces from 3 years ago and they’re still as skinny as ever. I'm sure they have a drug problem and have entered prostitution so they can keep their drug habit on track. You’ve got the long term bargirls who missed out on finding Mr Right. They are just stuck in the industry not knowing what else to do. Most are experienced enough to work a bar and get more than a few drinks for the night. Again it’s hard labeling them past just a bargirl.

I know many a bargirl / gogo dancer that if they really dig a guy then they will be happy with 1000฿ for the night. There are bargirls that spend the night drinking with someone at their bar the night before and for that guy to come in early the next evening, since they got on so well the night before, and barfine her just to go and hit a club or a restaurant. Before paying the barfine let her know what you have planned for the evening and you may be surprised at what she says when you bring up how much does she expect to get paid…. More than likely it will be… ‘up to you’. These are the women that I described in the opening paragraph. They want out of the bar industry. You can build some real friendships with some of these women. You just have to be lucky enough in meeting them early in their employment and more importantly before the older hardened bargirls lead them down the wrong path. It’s so obvious why they have never bagged a long term boyfriend or husband.

Lighthouse Soi Cowboy

      The Lighthouse Soi Cowboy - HOT, HOT & HOTTER

The older bargirls will try and teach the new women their failed path. Who knows why? Stupidity or they're just Jealous. On a few occasions that I've been having a drink with a woman who has been new to the bar, only to have one of the older jealous bargirls to walk by and say something in Thai. Now because the bargirl I’m having a drink with is new I ask her ‘what did she say?’ She reply’s truthfully… ‘she said drink quicker’ F…mee what a loser!!! Who’d want to hangout with a bargirl that knocks the drinks back quicker than the pace that you drink. Most customers, bargirls included are more than happy without the interference of the older workers.

I had an interesting chat with a gogo dancer at Soi Cowboy who on first impressions was above average in looks, style and class. She had a certain aura about her were you just knew she was different. Her English was very good and you could tell she had been educated to a higher level than 99% of the women working within any of the red light district. She appeared on face value to be an expats dream come true. At 26 get her off the game and move her in (HA HA Risky). Before you know it you will be walking around town with a real stunner. It wasn’t until I started quizzing her about prices that her true self appeared.

She is a real pro!! It’s all business now, 3000฿ for a short time - no longer than 2 hours and 5000฿ for all night but tonight she will only do a short time. I’m sure she has worked as an Escort. After running a few scenarios by her she wasn’t interested in getting into budging from her price list even if she’s into a guy. Peel her back further and you will see a top notch breast enhancement, expensive. She just looks like a chick that has plenty of cash. The difference with her to other gogo dancers is she has no commitments and has chosen her career path for the long term, as a Prostitute…. Game Over.

Butterflies Nana PlazaAt Nana Plaza the metamorphosis from Jail Birdz to Butterfly's is almost complete with one of the new signs being installed on Friday. The main infrastructure inside Butterfly’s GoGo Bar has been finished and in operation for a few weeks now. With three dance floors and a Jacuzzi. Butterfly's should be a hit. For anyone who wants to get into Nana Plaza and barfine a woman early, you can now add Butterflies' to the list along with the Erotica Agogo. They both have a very good selection of gogo dancers that you will think…. Yeah I’d do her.

Talking of doable gogo dancers I spent a bit of time inside Bangkok Bunnies taking some photo’s for the website. With each shift change there always seemed to be a few stunning looking dancers on one of the two dance floors. Don’t sit idle in one spot as you might be missing out where all the action is. The Jacuzzi dancers at Bangkok Bunnies are very good and you will defiantly have a good time if you decide hangout there for any length of time.

At Casanova (ladyboy bar) this Friday night it felt like I was entering a feeding frenzy as I approached. I’m not sure what was going on? The ladyboy who approached me was polite enough as I walked by but she (hmmm) couldn’t stopped herself from having a good feel. Maybe this is an isolated groin grad as things had settled down for a few months. All the other ladyboy bars were as usual, no problems.

At Soi Cowboy the Five Star Bar appears to have increased their ladyboys seated out front. Most the gogo dancers that stand within Soi Cowboy are still wearing a black dress. Once they enter the bar their dress comes off and then it’s bushiness as usual.

Soi Cowboy Friday Night

  Soi Cowboy Friday Night

I hung out with a few of the bargirls at the Corner Bar who were all cool enough. You genuinely could have a good night out if you decided to stick around. I didn’t mind the groin grab here …. Chicks!! The Country Road Bar was busy inside with mainly old timers who like the old pub/bar feel. The outside bar at the Tilac Bar was busy. You do get your fair share of couples or western women at the Tilac Bar. Also at Suzie Wong’s were you will spot more than a few couples just there to see the lesbian show. A bit of chick on chick action never hurt anyone.

Unfortunately this week I tore a muscle at the gym, therefore my time out at the bars was short, and now my leg is pissing me off just sitting here typing. So that’s it … Again … Game Over.