Soi Cowboy Dancers

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Freelancer to Go

Do you want fries with that Freelancer? Nah. Drink? Nah just as is and before you know it you’re back at your hotel. Hold on a second where's the security in that? It’s not as simple going to a McDonalds drive-thru where you can just go back for a refund if you have a problem with your purchase. You’re in their world now! You may have agreed on a price but when it’s time for her to go she comes out with a figure that you would never have agreed upon. What are you going to do, argue? Maybe at the beginning but then she’s on her phone talking Thai to some guy on the other end, now you know your f.cked. You’re better off just pay the extra 1000฿ that she will want and chalk it up to stupidity, I mean experience. It’s a dog eat dog world out there when dealing with Freelancers so take the risk at your peril. Most transactions do go smoothly but when they go wrong It will leave a bad taste in your mouth for a long time.

Freelancers Nana Soi 4 Bangkok.

    Freelancers Nana Soi 4.

As you walk along Soi 4 there are some Freelancers that you wouldn’t even give a second look, some hardened, some just give off a bad vibe yet you will see guys happily trot back to their hotel room with one of these women. There are plenty of Freelancers that I would put in the safe category in regard to you will have a very good chance of having a good time. You just have to use common sense. A good option is not taking her to your Hotel room as Nana Plaza has short-time rooms available for around 350฿ for 2 hours. Here you do get a bit of security as she will have to leave here id at the front desk and show that she has a condom. Also Nana Plaza has CCTV security cameras in place just incase of any problems.

Lets get really technical for those who don't know. Prostitution is illegal in Thailand. So what are you paying for when you agree a price with a Freelancer, bargirl or a gogo dancer? It’s their time. What people get up to as two consenting adults is their business. Just remember that the next time you hook up with someone and there is money involved. We all know what the plan for the night is.

I had a front row seat (looking through a keyhole) a few years age whilst staying at a hotel within Nana Soi 4. It was around midnight when two guys arrived back to their rooms with a couple of women. They split up and soon enough I hear the shower going…shit hot with these thin walls I’ll be able to have a good laugh. In the end all I heard was muffled chatter that got louder and louder for about 30 min's then, bang!! The door opened and she’s over banging on the door opposite. After a bit of yelling in Thai the other women opens the door. This is where looking through the keyhole comes in handy. Both women were in their late 20’s and the chick who answered the door is wrapped in a towel. Once she told her story in Thai the other women then spoke in English… ‘You wear condom!!!’ And the dumbest human being on the planet is saying ‘No,No,No…No Condom’.

The other guy is no where to be seen. I’d guess he wanted no part of what was going down. This guy would not budge on the idea of wearing a condom and they all went at it for about 20 min's. This is when she got on the phone and started talking in Thai and this guy does start to panic. ‘Who you talking to?’ He says 2 or 3 times and she just ignores him. Several minutes pass and she says calmly ‘we go inside and you use condom’. The brain dead sub-human says ‘No, No Condom’. Mmmm she gave him every chance and she just says ‘you pay now’. The smart one doesn’t get it??? She could have stayed with him all night but he’s a dick! Therefore times up, it’s time to PAY!!! She just let rip…. ‘I talking you over an hour here’ … ‘you pay now!!!, you pay now!!!, you pay now!!!’. He was confused about her demands. Finally his buddy shows his face and just yells at him to pay her. The loser shuffles off to get his wallet and before you know it she's gone and the other girl goes back inside with her new boyfriend for the night. Normality is restored.

It cant end there can it? At around 3 am his door cracks open and he’s gone for what would have been no more than 15 min’s. He’s back with a Freelancer!!! I never heard the shower when they arrived but after about 10 min’s the shower was in use just before she left. What a loser. There is so much wrong with what transpired here. A couple of things really stuck in my head at the time. One was that how adamant he was about not using a condom and the other was, it would have been odds-on that the Freelancer had agreed not to use one.

Lets rephrase the opening sentence to: ‘Do you want gonorrhea with that Freelancer? Nah. Syphilis? Nah just as is and before you know it you have Aids’.

Soi Cowboy

   Soi Cowboy when lights are on.

Soi Cowboy was much better this week with a more relaxed feel rather the miserable. The neon's are still off but I’ll make a prediction that they will be back on once 30 days have passed. Baccara looked quiet from the outside as do most bars but if you stick your head inside then you are surprised at how busy they are. I spent an hour at The Lighthouse without even going inside the gogo area. I am always surprised by some of the women that come out front. Talk about fit!!

Jungle Jim’s and the Moonshine Joint had plenty of bargirls sitting out front which means both bars would have been quiet inside. I just know if I had set one foot in either that I would’ve been pounced upon. It’s hard saying no at 100฿ a lady drink but tonight I didn't feel like being the center of attention. This is all short and sweat until things get back to normal.

Nana Plaza looked like business as usual. Bangkok Bunnies looks so good visually when you enter and with the gogo dancers they have makes Bangkok Bunnies a bar that you wouldn’t want to miss experiencing on a trip to Bangkok. Also on the ground floor is Rainbow 1 who look like they have made some changes and now have a few women sitting within the outside bar area. I was so tempted to go on over for a chat, maybe next week. Rainbow 1 is now on the map as a bar that I do want to go inside for a few drinks.

Hit the second floor and there is only one bar that you gravitate to and that is the Twister Bar. They had their base cranked to the max and although the music is turned down the rumble from those speakers could be felt along the middle floor of Nana Plaza. I found myself standing near Diamonds Bangkok thinking, where is that coming from? Talking of Diamonds Bangkok previously I had noticed more than a few ladyboys inside but now as I stood out front I’m being told there is only women inside. F..meee you can’t chop and change in this game if you want success, pick your format and stick with it. Some guys want nothing to do with ladyboys. It’s pretty hard to push a bar to a certain audience if they are chopping and changing their format.

I chatted with some of the dancers out front the Enter Bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza and they all seemed pleasant enough. It was near closing time so there was no chance I was heading inside.

Did I forget somewhere? Patpong… no time this week.