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Normally I can cruise around being numb to everything I see in regard to gogo dancers or gogo bars. This past week I’ve been taken aback on more than one occasion … In a good way. First up I was just cruising along the middle floor of Nana Plaza until I arrived at the Twister Bar. The guy out front opened the curtain and me … yes I let out a verbal “ Me!” The Twister Bar is just so mind blowingly good for anyone who is here on a holiday. Your brain will know to store this in a long term memory file. Take a look at the woman in the orange bikini below from the Enter Bar (sister bar to Twister) as this will give you an idea of what they are wearing on the dance floor. Take a seat on a stool and get one of the dancers over for a drink and hold her close … me look at that figure. I don’t want to go over old ground here or tell people how to suck and egg. The Twister Bar on this night blew me away or should I say blowed? … Thanks!

Enter Bar Dancers | Nana Plaza

Enter Bar | Nana Plaza

As I left the Twister Bar the Rainbow 5 curtain was open and again you wont go wrong spending your night inside but it didn’t grab me by the balls as the Twister Bar did. Although I could just be in a daze of what had just transpired. I headed to the top floor of Nana Plaza and spotted the women with the tattoo all the way to her butt cheeks. I’ve never seen that before and as anyone who reads this column would know I am rather partial to a bit of doggy … that would be a wild ride visually. The Enter Bar was in real party mode and has been like that for a few weeks now.

My next “ me” was when I walk inside Billboard. The atmosphere really grabs you as you walk in … they were packed. I didn’t know where to look. You can stand within Billboard between the dance floor and the Jacuzzi giving Billboard a unique feel … All action! If people go bar hopping and just happen to land in the bars I have mentioned then there wont be much hopping. I hadn’t looked at any other bars at Nana Plaza this night as there was no need for any bar hopping.

Midweek I headed into Patpong for a bit of shopping at the Night Market … I like to buy my supplyies in bulk. Anyway I headed over to the Shark Bar and yes at this point in time they have a good deal of “Any Beer 100 Baht All Night”. So here I am in the same situation as at Nana Plaza just cruising along numb to whatever they throw at me as I pass the gogo bars. The Thigh Bar did stop me in my tracks … there were more than a handful of dancers that would have looked perfect on my lap … It was a real should I or shouldn’t I moment. I have a weird way of walking through Patpong. I weave through the Night Market where out I pop at Superstars Gogo Bar and yeah I got stopped in my tracks. F. Me if I went in there then I’m was definitely getting laid that night. Sh.t Patpong does have a lot of women you just want to hang with.

Smooci Bangkok

Smooci Escorts on Demand | Straight to your Hotel

Still cruising. Kings Corner had ladyboys up dancing therefore it’s back into the Night Market then bang I’m at King’s Castle 1 … yeah the dancers look shit hot but I can resist … Then here it comes another verbal “ Me!” As I arrive at Kings Castle 2 … These chicks are really up for it tonight. Several a lighting up the dance floor. Not just one! I’m not talking “Owe look she can dance” Nah this is sex on a stick stuff and King’s Castle 2 is still for me the best gogo bar in Patpong.

Later in the week I was at Soi Cowboy. I didn’t let out a verbal “ Me” but in my head I would of said it about 5 times. I ran into my blonde friend from the Midnite Bar and as we chatted outside she puckered here lips only a few inches from my face and each time in my head I just heard “ Me!” At that point in time she was the hottest woman in Soi Cowboy … it!

It really has been a good week and it wasn’t over. The next night I headed back to Soi Cowboy but this time I entered via the Country Road end. If not I would more than likely would have ended up spending my night at the Midnite Bar. I stopped at Crazy Cat for a general chat with the manager. Crazy Cat is a Mixed Bar with some of the best ladyboys within Soi Cowboy. There are no agency gogo dancers therefore the women can be more interesting. A barfine is 700 Baht. A big bonus here is if you’re not into drinking beer then you can get a bottle of water for 70 Baht. The ladyboys won’t even look at you unless they know you are interested.

Soi 4 Nana | Freelancers

Freelancers and Massage Workers | Nana Soi 4

We were just having a chat when out walks one of the gogo dancers. She is lean and wearing skintight black pants just as they should be worn … Pulled up every crack. I didn’t notice anything initially as she starts talking to us both in Thai. It would have been rude not looking at her face whilst she was telling her story. You could just tell by her personality that this is a regular chick that you could take out of the bar and explore Bangkok with. Since I had no idea what she is talking about my eyes do wonder until again I’m looking at a pair of lips going “ Me! Me!”

I do need to clear two things up. Firstly I didn’t say “ Me!” out loud … Secondly I wasn’t looking at her face!