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Open for Business

I arrived at Soi Cowboy nearing 11 pm on Wednesday night, talk about dire it felt like a place I just didn't want to be. There were several gogo bars that had bargirls within their outside bar areas, most were wearing a black dress and no one was drinking outside. You could hear music behind the closed doors to the gogo bars. I had no desire to enter any of the gogo bars as the walk down Soi Cowboy had killed the mood. It made me wonder, was it too soon to open the nightlife venues? It’s a fine line between yes or no.

Thailand is in mourning. You catch the Skytrain or go shopping and the general atmosphere is subdued. There is less chatter, people overall are more quiet although still going about with their daily lives. Most Thais are wearing all black or black pants with a white top. For tourists it’s best to tread carefully and show some compassion for the Thai people during this difficult time.

When going out try and stay away from wearing bright colors and stay in the grey scale from black all the way to white, blue is also acceptable but not too light. It may be hard for some but also tone down your behavior. Other words don’t be a dick! As you will lose…..

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