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Back to Pattaya

I headed back to Pattaya for another week exploring Sin City. It had only been 4 weeks since my last visit but I did notice a few changes. The beer bars along Beach road at 6pm had more patrons inside than the last time I was here. Heading up to Soi LK Metro via Soi 13 this is where there was a marked increase in tourist inside the beer bars. It really did take me by surprise. Some of the bargirls present do look like they have been working several years too many, yet these bars are busy. Early 40's, I just don’t see the attraction. These women are gold for the guys who like to knock back a beer or two.

Get in early and you might get lucky and find a couple of bargirls in their early 30’s that could be a bit of fun. Talking of fun if you want to take her from the bar then a barfine should set you back 400 Baht and she will be with you until the morning for 1500 Baht. For under 2000 Baht there's your girlfriend for the night…..

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