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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Weekly Column

Back Off

Talk about cramping my style. One of the hazards doing what I do is gogo dancers that genuinely think that we have spent some time together either drinking or the dreaded scenario they think we have spent a night in the sack. The thing is I have no idea who the F… they are? I know I come in contact with a lot of women through out the year but onething I do know is, who I’m banging!! And it ain't these chicks.

My most recent encounter with this uncomfortable experience was around 3 weeks ago at Jail Birdz. I noticed a dancer in the corner dancing who has locked right onto me like I’m her long lost brother. Once her set is over she slides right in beside me in a way that we must have had some history together. She seemed to be expecting some sort of warm reception but all I am doing is gesturing that I’m off when I finish this drink. If I ever want to get down and have some fun with a gogo dancer then they would be lean and firm from dancing and although she looked good, it was so obvious she was soft. Therefore no-way!! I just put it all down to mistaken identity.

There is nothing negative about all this as the encounter only lasts for a few minutes. It’s just that you tend to be thrown in a loop trying to figure out what's going on.

Butterflies Nana Plaza

Butterflies GoGo Bar - Nana Plaza

Fast forward to this week and in I went to Butterfly’s (formerly Jail Birdz) to take some pictures and after about 5 minutes I stopped just to review the pic's. Before I knew it she’s standing beside me with a look like she expects me to do back flips that we are now reunited after such a great night in the sack… WTF. Who are you? I will be honest I’m not even sure it was the same dancer? I’d say it was. Since we are being honest, I don’t usually look gogo dancers in the face but her body look the same, not my style…. Too soft. After a minutes feeling uncomfortable I was back to taking pic's. Once she was back on stage I had no idea who or where she was.

Onething I will say since I’m the one experiencing this, is she appears genuine in her belief. Our next encounter will be a bit different since I have been blind sided by the first two. This time we will have a chat and I will more than likely get her a drink just to hear what connection she thinks we have?

The first time this ever happened was a few years ago at Jungle Jim’s. This time I knew I had a drink with this chick at Cowboy 2 and would stop and have a chat whenever I saw her. For 2 or 3 months I had been partying with one of the hottest gogo dancers within Soi Cowboy, this was my research period :). She was a Coyote Dancer also from Cowboy 2 but was sub-let out to Jungle Jim’s …. F..me we are talking about gogo dancers here. Talk about blow a guys mind every curve was were you wanted it to be and she could dance and at that time I hadn’t witnessed anyone better. Throw in a lean/firm body, an ass that chicks would die for and a full back tattoo therefore no wonder I couldn’t stay away. Now how could this all go wrong?

In steps the gogo dancer from Cowboy 2 as she joins the ranks of one of the sub-let Coyote Dancers at Jungle Jim’s. I turn up as usual around midnight after hanging out with other dancers at their respective bars. It really was hard all this research. The hot dancer is on stage but the other one isn’t and she’s straight over with a big hug. No problem since I know her and we have had a few drinks… I’m so oblivious sometimes. We have a short chat then it was shift change and she went on stage. Now the hot dancers over and comes in close and asks ‘how do I know her?’ F…me they get possessive. She knows what I do so there is no need for BS. I end up out front and my tattooed friend is over telling me that the girl is saying I’m her customer and I used to barfine her at Cowboy 2!! HA HA … Not my scene this. Again this woman in her mind believed it.

I was more worried that she would say I was sh.t in bed or sh.t the bed since it wasn’t me!!! Bargirls/dancers really need learn to check themselves when they spot someone that they think is their former customer especially if they’re hanging out with another woman. I did get bored with it all and discovered Crazy House a short time later which meant… Who are those chicks at Jungle Jim’s? I was now in seventh heaven. (Both dancers have now left Jungle Jim's).

Mistaken identity has happened on more than a few occasions which makes me wonder, do westerners who don't have black hair all look the same to Thai women? The early experience changed my whole mindset at the time when dealing with bargirls/gogo dancers. I looked at them more as a product where I would choose who I would hang out with on any given night and not the other way round. I’m not their customer…. It’s they’re my entertainment. A bit extreme but if I was ever going to get through this period of hitting the bars then things had to change. Now it’s all laid back stuff. If a dancer/bargirl comes on over and asks for a drink? If I’m interested then I just say ‘yeah if you sit on my lap’…. I’m not joking!!

Tuesday night I found Nana Plaza to be quiet where no bar was packing them in. The Enter Bar on the top floor is a bar that is just missing one component and that is a crowd. They have plenty of dancers and a few I have seen at other bars within Nana Plaza who are a bit more party oriented than your regular gogo dancer. Being a smaller gogo bar with the amount of dancers they do have it might be a bit overwhelming if you end up being the only customer inside. Which happened to me… no matter where I looked chicks were making eye contact. Hence if they have a crowd you can slink on in and either sit back and watch the gogo dancers on stage or take your time before you invite someone over for a drink.

I found Soi 4 to be busy with both foot traffic on the footpaths and the Freelancers that go all the way up to the new large 7/11 store past where Strikers used to be. You get all types … the hottest Thai women are located just past Hooters as you walk away from Sukhumvit Rd. If you like the aunties eg mid 30’s to 40 then you will find them further up Soi 4 before the 7/11 that I just talked about. More than a few look like they’re just out to make some extra cash therefore this isn’t their regular gig which does make them interesting.

Friday night and Nana Plaza was busier. Rainbow 5 was packed at around 11 pm which really does surprise me since the Twister Bar next door who were busy but nothing like Rainbow 5. They must do a decent job catering for the Japanese customers. When I walked past the Twister Bar they really did have some hot gogo dancers on stage in various stages of dress. It was pretty hard to keep on walking.

At Butterflies the Jacuzzi is well worth checking out as it does get a bit wild on occasions. This Thursday 15th December Butterflies is having their Grand Opening Party. There will be Free Food, Shows, Prizes and Drinks Specials from 8pm… Don’t miss out!!! Who else is having a Party? Billboard…. Again Free Food, Shows…. this Sunday the 11th December.

Billboard Agogo Party

The new Strikers Sports Pub is open for business and is located opposite Nana Plaza, just enter the Nana Hotel Carpark and you will be starring right at Strikers. They have several pool tables scattered through out as are the flat screen TV’s where you can watch the football.

Saturday Night and Bangkok Bunnies was one gogo bar where you could have had a pisser night out. There was a real atmosphere within the bar and with the number of gogo dancers inside there has to be someone there that you just can’t say no. The dancers on the RHS stage as you enter are well worth spending sometime with… Hotttttt.

Patpong Friday night and the bars with a live band were rocking. Patpong 1 gogo bars were busy with the busiest bar being Superstars. Talk about an erratic bar as most times I go by they will only have a few customers then out of nowhere they’re packed, as they were this Friday night. Next best was Kings Corner who do have some of the best non-coyote dancers around. Just be aware that when the women are on stage that the ladyboys are now within the bar area and vice a versa…. Stay focused and you will have a good time. The ladyboys wont come over once they know which team you’re on. Generally the bars were doing just fine in Patpong 1.

This can’t be said about the bars in Patpong 2 except for Bada Bing. I was taken aback how quiet Club Electric Blue was since they have a very good group of gogo dancers. It just was surprising after seeing how busy some of the bars were in Patpong 1.

Soi Cowboy seems to be back to normal with amount of foot traffic that passes through the Soi. I had another look at the Corner Bar and the band was on form. They have several new bargirls present which will freshen any bar up. The Cockatoo Bar have several ladyboys bigger in build than any other bar that employs ladyboys within Soi Cowboy. What a random statement that is.

The Dollhouse appears to be on a bit of a downward spiral at the minute. I haven’t noticed any gogo dancers out front doing their stuff on the small dance floor. Now under new management so hopefully they can get The Dollhouse back to its former glory. When The Dollhouse is on form then so is Soi Cowboy as a whole…. It was always a good sight cruising down Soi Cowboy and then you spot the gogo dancer out front hanging onto a chrome pole….. Now that is missing!!

The Lighthouse Agogo Bar is kicking along just nicely. With a very good group of gogo dancer you’re bound to have a good time if you do go down the barfine path. The numbers of dancers are back to normal at Sahara & the Midnite Bar. Now the Soi feels a bit congested as you pass both bars. Crazy House was packed as usual. I walked in but couldn't find a seat therefore I left. It was worth the 2 minutes I spent inside…. What an eye opener.