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Back Off

Talk about cramping my style. One of the hazards doing what I do is gogo dancers that genuinely think that we have spent some time together either drinking or the dreaded scenario they think we have spent a night in the sack. The thing is I have no idea who the F… they are? I know I come in contact with a lot of women through out the year but onething I do know is, who I’m banging!! And it ain't these chicks.

My most recent encounter with this uncomfortable experience was around 3 weeks ago at Jail Birdz (Now Butterflies). I noticed a dancer in the corner dancing who has locked right onto me like I’m her long lost brother. Once her set is over she slides right in beside me in a way that we must have had some history together. She seemed to be expecting some sort of warm reception but all I am doing is gesturing that I’m off when I finish this drink. If I ever want to get down and have some fun with a gogo dancer then they would be lean and firm from dancing and although she looked good, it was so obvious she was soft. Therefore no-way!! I just put it all down to mistaken identity…..

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