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When It pours in Bangkok it really does come down in bucket loads and that's what it has been doing lately especially after 8 pm. If the rain sets in then both ends of Soi Cowboy get flooded. The Country Road Bar end is the least affected but there is no way around it you will need wade through ankle deep water for 10-15 ft. Head up to the Baccara end and now your talking above ankle levels for nearly 30 ft. You could be a hero and just walk right through it but this isn’t particularly clean water as some of it is be pushed up through the drains. If you feel Bangkok drains are clean then go for it.

The timing of the downpour can be a real nightmare or a godsend for bar owners. If it pours when Soi Cowboy is busy then the majority of the customers are trapped and will usually ride it out in whichever bar they are in or can get to. Happy times for the bars. The good news is there is an ATM within Soi Cowboy, you might need a top-up.

There are a few bars that would be a good spot to ride out a storm. Jungle Jim’s at 110฿ a beer is a good bar if you want to be left alone as the bargirls will back off once they know you’re not there to let loose. Their sister bar the Toy Bar although the drinks are the same price, these chicks will be on a feeding frenzy. You will more than likely have a few more drinks than what you had planned. And yeah wash your hands before you leave…FFS. I hope no ones thinking, Why?’s - Soi Cowboy

The Lighthouse is another cool bar to ride out a downpour. Here they have the hottest butts within Soi Cowboy. I mentioned a few weeks ago at how hot some of these dancers are, firm, firm, firm therefore if you are up for a bit of company then the Lighthouse Agogo Bar is where you’d want to get stuck.

For the ladyboy lovers then I still think the Five Star Bar outside bar is the best bet as the ladyboys appear more laid back. Sahara and the Midnite Bar both have more than a handful of ladyboys mixed in with the women just now. You’d want to be cashed up though. Don't forget, Black Dress = Ladyboy. The Cockatoo Bar would be the ladyboy version of the Toy Bar, a feeding frenzy.