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Lights Out

Last Saturday and Sunday it was lights out for Bangkok’s Nightlife as Thais pre-paired to vote on Sunday. I just happened to be at Tesco shopping just before 6 pm on Saturday when an announcement came over the intercom that no alcohol could be sold after 6 pm. Everyone would have to wait until Monday if they were after a night out on the booze at their favorite bar.

Saturday night I headed over to Asok just to see how Bangkok looked without the bright lights of Soi Cowboy. Hopefully I will get a general feel for the area when it’s lights out so early. Sukhumvit Soi 23 looked dire as I walked past. In the distance I could see the lights to Crazy House were out. All the bars and eatery's leading up to Soi Cowboy were in darkness, at least 7/11 was open. Whilst in darkness Sukhumvit Soi 23 didn't look very inviting for any tourists that were wondering around.

I continued walking along the footpath of Sukhumvit Rd and found one restaurant open with a handful dinners inside, sipping on soft drinks. Very subdued stuff. The whole atmosphere of the area had gone.

I turned into Asok Rd walking towards the Country Road Bar side to Soi Cowboy. What did I see? Just an empty footpath. The picture above I took around 3 am one night shows that there are usually street bars and food stalls located all along the footpath. Although so late the area is still alive!!

Arriving at Soi Cowboy was an uncomfortable experience for anyone wondering down for a peak. Taxi drivers were there in their droves. Ignore, ignore, ignore that's all I could do to all of their advances. They're worse than any ladyboy when you tell them you are straight. At least some ladyboys back-off. Soi Cowboy was in complete darkness with just a few lost souls walking through.

I noticed a few guys looking a bit edgy when they noticed that Soi Cowboy was closed. I think it would of been a real downer for any tourist here on a short holiday who was after some adult entertainment this weekend. Several freelancers were hanging around on the skywalk to the Asok BTS trying to keep a low profile. Anyone who was after a bit of company for the night would have or should have known what was going on.

Imagine if the the whole nightlife (gogo dancers/bargirls) scene was closed down in Thailand, just like last weekend. I’d guess the tourist numbers would drop dramatically. The regular tourists/backpackers would still come but the 3 week cashed up then broke tourists who are after some fun would more than likely look elsewhere. As I walked around it got me thinking, would I stay here if like this? The answer is No!! I would be back in Melbourne hanging out at Crown Casino playing poker most weekends.

Every city needs an edge and that's what the whole Nightlife Scene gives Bangkok.

Monday night I hit Soi Cowboy and it was business as usual. I spent a bit of time in the outside bar at the Lighthouse gogo bar. Normally I just glance at the dancers but there were more than I few that I thought, WOW!!! Talk about firm butts. The Lighthouse is a cool bar to hangout as you can sit back and watch all the dancers out front Cowboy 2, which can be entertaining.