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Placard Wars

This week when I entered Nana Plaza the placard wars have begun. Although Spankys has had guys at the bottom of the stairs for years Jail Birdz got into it several months ago with gogo dancers standing inside holding a sign facing the entrance to Nana Plaza, in desperation to get customers up to the top floor. On occasions the Mercury Bar had a couple of the younger looking dancers holding a sign but now this trend has really kicked off.

This week I have noticed London Calling, Playskool, Chili Bar (ladyboys), Angelwitch, Jail Birdz & the Spanky’s sign getting hit. London Calling was the most interesting since they are a mixed bar. Were they going to send out a couple of ladyboys? The answer to that is, no. I thought their alternative was worse as they sent out what I could only presume to be 4 of the waitresses in the over 40’s bracket. I don't think they would have drummed up too much business.

As you can see by the picture above when London Calling (yellow bikini) send out a couple of gogo dancers they look mighty fine. Not all have the same agenda. The Playskool dancers where handing out flyers promoting their ‘Happy Hour’ from 7-9:30 pm all standard drinks 95฿ and a Free shot of Tequila, Sambuca or Sangsom, just show the flyer. The Jail Birdz dancers where also handing out flyers for their Happy Hour, 8-10 pm 99฿ for all standard drinks and if you bring in the flyer then you get, as they say ‘1 FREE SHOT’, I wonder if I get to choose who to have the free shot with? (It’s 50/50 if people get that joke).

The London Calling girls will walk you over to their bar which looks like a bonus especially if that chick in the yellow bikini heads on in with you. Not to be left out, I noticed a few of the Bangkok Bunnies dancers heading out briefly showing off, letting everyone know where they should be heading.

Now to something a little more hands on. Here we have the ladyboys from the Chili Bar who want to take you straight up those stairs into their bar, it is take no prisoners time. The bar is tucked in by the stairs leading to the top floor. Once you’re inside there are plenty of ladyboys on hand. The entrance / exit is usually packed with ladyboys, so expect the unexpected. I'm sure it will all be in good fun.

All these games do add to the atmosphere of Nana Plaza although it will get a bit crowded if more bars jump on this bandwagon. Once that happens I don’t think it will be much fun for the patrons as they enter the Plaza. Only time will tell. I’d guess if it gets too crowded then someone will put a stop to it.

Talking pictures briefly. I just happened to be fooling around with the ISO on the camera when I took the ladyboy picture. The settings was ISO of 12800 at a focal length of 30 mm. The picture above had a ISO of 2500 and a focal length of 9 mm. You really can see the noise level increase dramatically with the high ISO and the zoom wouldn't have helped.