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Placard Wars

This week when I entered Nana Plaza the placard wars have begun. Although Spankys has had guys at the bottom of the stairs for years Jail Birdz got into it several months ago with gogo dancers standing inside holding a sign facing the entrance to Nana Plaza, in desperation to get customers up to the top floor. On occasions the Mercury Bar had a couple of the younger looking dancers holding a sign but now this trend has really kicked off.

This week I have noticed London Calling, Playskool, Chili Bar (ladyboys), Angelwitch, Jail Birdz & the Spanky’s sign getting hit. London Calling was the most interesting since they are a mixed bar. Were they going to send out a couple of ladyboys? The answer to that is, no. I thought their alternative was worse as they sent out what I could only presume to be 4 of the waitresses in the over 40’s bracket. I don't think they would have drummed up too much business…..

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