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Boys Keep Swinging

When I first encountered ladyboys at Nana Plaza they weren't swinging with the big boys everything was tucked away out of sight. Now I have noticed a bit of a trend as some of the bigger ladyboys make no attempt to hide their manhood which is in plain sight through their bikinis. I can remember the first ladyboy bars that I ever reviewed and trying hard to pick a dancer that I was convinced was a woman to sit and have a chat. Firstly they had to look like a woman in height and figure next was the all important no sign of any male parts in the bikini area then lastly no sign of a sack of marbles hanging out the back. So many ladyboys would fail on the last requirement.

I will admit to being really surprised on one occasions talking to a dancer at Charades that in fact she was a ladyboy and amazingly hadn't had the chop. It must be harder for the bigger ladyboys, a bit of effort in that area wouldn't go astray especially if they are going to be standing out front of their bar. This week as I was heading down the stairs and saw several dancers from the Chili Bar from behind. I did think, are they women? I got my answer as I walked past and turned for a look. As plain as day there is a sausage hanging in those oversized bikinis…..

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