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Boys Keep Swinging

When I first encountered ladyboys at Nana Plaza they weren't swinging with the big boys everything was tucked away out of sight. Now I have noticed a bit of a trend as some of the bigger ladyboys make no attempt to hide their manhood which is in plain sight through their bikinis. I can remember the first ladyboy bars that I ever reviewed and trying hard to pick a dancer that I was convinced was a woman to sit and have a chat. Firstly they had to look like a woman in height and figure next was the all important no sign of any male parts in the bikini area then lastly no sign of a sack of marbles hanging out the back. So many ladyboys would fail on the last requirement.

I will admit to being really surprised on one occasions talking to a dancer at Charades that in fact she was a ladyboy and amazingly hadn't had the chop. It must be harder for the bigger ladyboys, a bit of effort in that area wouldn't go astray especially if they are going to be standing out front of their bar. This week as I was heading down the stairs and saw several dancers from the Chili Bar from behind. I did think, are they women? I got my answer as I walked past and turned for a look. As plain as day there is a sausage hanging in those oversized bikinis.

There are still plenty of smaller feminine looking ladyboys around. There must be a bit of demand for the bigger ladyboys with the increase and the way they display their package, just giving the customers what they are after. FFS. Check out the pic on the Charades page of the ladyboy about to sit down, no duct tape there.

Straps GoGo Bar at Nana Plaza has mainly post-op ladyboys if not all which makes for an interesting dilemma. I have talked to several ladyboys who have had the chop and have asked tactfully: Do you consider yourself a ladyboy or are you now a woman? The ones that I talked to all consider themselves a woman. Therefore if they believe it then they may not admit that they were a male.

The Five Star Bar at Soi Cowboy have had ladyboys in their outside bar for several weeks now and I have been told they are post-op. As you can see by the picture bellow the one seated in the purple pants has had the works.