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Lucky Luke's Tiki Bar | Nana Plaza

The Lucky Luke's Tiki Bar is located within the entrance of Nana Plaza Bangkok with a good view of the Lollipop and the stairs leading to the upper floors makes the Tiki Bar the place to sit especially if you have never been to Nana Plaza since you can sit back and see what goes on before venturing out into the unknown.

Tiki Bar Nana Plaza

The Tiki Bar has been recently renovated (August 2015) and was formally just named Lucky Luke's and instead of a wagon wheel out front the name is painted over a surfboard.

This a good place to start your night out where you can just sit and watch the comings and goings within Nana Plaza. There’s a good selection of bargirls but it can be a bit hit or miss the good thing is you don't get hassled to buy a lady a drink so the night is yours to make.

A beer costs 120฿ and if you want to take a woman from the bar then the barfine is 600฿.

There's not much to say about the Tiki Bar as its main asset is its location making it a favorite to many returning tourists to Nana Plaza.

It doesn't hurt to have a few drinks at the bars on the ground floor before heading to one of the go-go bars where you will pay a lot more for a drink and if I had to choose between the Nana Beer Garden and the Tiki Bar then the Tiki Bar wins.

Lucky Luke’s Tiki Bar Nana Plaza … 6/10.

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