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Nana Plaza Bangkok

An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

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Golden Bar | Nana Soi 4 Bangkok

(The Golden Bar is now closed) Situated with a good view of the entrance to Nana Plaza Bangkok and is a great spot if you want watch the Freelancers at work you will see some freaky looking guys talking business with them.

Freelancer Soi 4 Nana - View from Golden Beer BarThe Golden Bar is usually quite busy and is frequented by a few western women and guys that like to bring there wife's on a holiday to Bangkok (HA HA I wonder who’s idea that was). This place is quite good the chicks don't hassle you if your not after company.

Drinks are cheap here at 90฿ for a whiskey and lady drinks are 80฿ plus if you want to barfine one of the women its 300฿, most the women are in there 30’s but have a few there in there 20’s.

The main show for me is watching the freelancers, some guys like to stand back just look before they make there move strange stuff just go up and talk with any the freelancers for a few minutes then you're off to your motel.

I would think if you're going to come all the way to Thailand on a holiday wouldn't you want to meet someone in a bar or club and then get to know them for a few hours before you have your fun under the sheets.

Inside Golden Beer Bar - Nana Soi 4 BangkokInside the Bar they have a few flat screen TV’s and the music isn't too loud. I guess these guys in the picture enjoy each others company so much that there not too interested talking to women, at 80฿ a lady's drink I would have that chick behind them over have some fun but I guess they're happy. A guy and a beer what else could you ask for? Ohhh how about a woman…?

Golden Bar - Closed

Most people sit here along the edge of the Golden Bar, if you're on holiday and here for the first time, I think it's a must just to come to watch what's happening in Soi 4 Nana.

The Golden Bar 6/10 (location)

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